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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

No description

Anna Tawril

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee oi Message:
The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best vehicle one can drive. The naturalistic imagery and fading transitions between similar scenes of car interiors and nature evoke thoughts of the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a force of nature, and allows audiences to believe they will be in control of this force of nature, as well as their lives. The starting scene of a hilly landscape meeting the rough coastline is both harsh and beautiful, signifying that difficult times in life can be beautiful and distressful at the same time. The next scene shows a flowing stream through the rocks which can represent someone slowly moving forward through new times in their lives. The juxtaposition of the sunlit moss in the normally dark woods symbolizes the fact that good can come from the dark, such as learning from one's mistakes. When the car drives through the woods over a rocky stream, it evokes the message that one can conquer and overcome any obstacle. When the commercial focuses on the interior and the gear shifting into drive, it allows audiences to infer that it is easy to take control over their futures with this car. The rocky coastline of the ocean fading into the bumpy air vents of the car helps convey that nature is truly connected and included in this new amazing car due to the fact that the interior is much like the natural world. The transition between the mountains in the desert to the man flattening the leather for the seats provides an emotional appeal, connecting the great places, natural wonders and hardworking people that form America's backbone to the real and devoted people behind the Grand Jeep Cherokee, who are the backbone to the Jeep company. When the car drives through the sunset, the colors of the sky fade into the interior of the car, creating an ombre effect. This shows that the car can bring nature and adventure into life all at once. The close up of the tree bark meshed with the car driving, as the bark appears to be the road traveled by the car, further evokes the idea that the car and nature are intertwined. The use of a tree road symbolizes the Jeep will take its driver on a journey of growth and power. The aerial view of the jeep on an one empty bridge highway aside another shows that when faced with two paths, the jeep will help point its passengers in the right direction. The commercial transitions from smooth sand dunes into the tan leather seats of the car, symbolizing the smooth travels one is sure to encounter when they're seated in the Jeep Cherokee. As the commercial fades from the ocean coastline into the stitching of the glove box, the connections between the vast ocean and the car show the expansive space and possibilities that the car has to offer for maximum comfort and adventure. As the jeep speeds down the beach, a place where the realities of land and insecurities of the sea meet, it shows that the vehicle can get through any obstacle without trouble, and will lead one to happiness and exhilaration. As the car drives back through its starting point in the woods, the viewers are given the idea that the jeep will complete their lives and they will feel whole. It also gives the idea that the "best" vehicle around will last for as long as they need it throughout their circle of life. Works Cited:
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee COMMERCIAL. 2013. Commercial.YouTube. Jeep/Chrysler, 27 Mar. 2013. Web. 22 May 2013.
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