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The Walking Dead

No description

Trent McCausey

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

. Storyline The popular television show, "The Walking Dead," is about a cop named Rick. He falls into a coma as a result of a violent gun fight and wakes up to a post-apocalyptic world with no one is site. When he finely found someone he told him he was up against ZOMBIES!!!!!! The walking dead is more than a show about surviving a zombie apocalypse. It shows how people might react and change as a result of it and how far they will go to survive. Frank Darabont Drector Frank has years of experience with horror. He was the writer of Frankenstein, The Blob and Nightmare on elm street 3. But he has done more than just that he also wrote Shashank redemption and the green mile. He has been in the business of film making for 31 year. Rick Daryl Bear McCreary Bear has not been a composer for TV shows and movies for long but he has done a lot for 13 years. he has written the music for Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, The Terminator TV series, The Human Target and many more. Composer Michonne Veiwer numbers T-Dogg The walking dead always had good viewer numbers stating at 5 million. As the show went it got more and more viewers and by season 3 it had double the starting number at 10 million. Glenn Thank you And
good luck... Carl Carl Make up and Green
screen Last year the Walking Dead won an Emmy for Outstanding prosthetic makeup. They truly do make the make the zombie horrifying, as they should be. Though prosthetic are amazing they cant simulate a missing limb so they use a green screen. the zombie green alastic cloth were the missing limb is and they use CGI to
make the wound, but for the most part
they use presthetics.
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