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Copy of Conflict! Why are we at WAR?!

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Laura Smylie

on 29 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Conflict! Why are we at WAR?!

Man vs. Self Man vs. Self is a conflict in which the main character or protagonist is having a mental struggle. Also the main character may be faced with a hard decision to make. Ex. Star Wars III Luke struggles to make a decision to turn to the dark side or not. Man vs. Man Man vs. Man is a conflict in which a character is in conflict with another character, usually the antagonist. Ex. The constant battling between Batman and The Joker Man vs. Society Man vs. Society is a type of conflict in which the protagonist is against a common view or policy. Ex. A perfect example would be Ghandi against the reformation. Fights Of The Century!!! Man vs. Nature Man vs. Nature is a conflict in which the protagonist is fighting against a force in nature. Ex. The perfect example is Man vs. wild.
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