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My Bias

No description

Doesn't Matter

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of My Bias

Lee Jinki
aka: - Onew from SHINee
- my absolute Bias
- the reason I want to puke rainbows
and throw myself out of the window
at the same time

And I have no idea how this happened
But before I start with that, here are some common things
He was born on the 14th December 1989 in Gwangmyeong (that's in South Korea)
Yeah, THAT's my Bias. I know.
He actually never wanted to
become an idol
In the end, he still auditioned
for SM after people told him to
(No one really knows when,
In 2008 he debuted with the band
SHINee as their leader with
But seriously
Lee Jinki is a total dork
He is one of the most clumsiest and awkward guys I've ever seen
There is even an own name for it: Onew sangtae (Onew condition)
He trips over everything.
And he just randomly does or says awkward stuff
AND he is in love. With chicken.
do I love this guy so much?
on the other side
Lee Jinki is the sweetest and
most adorable person ever
Even if he is dorky...
you can' be angry at this cute, innocent and slightly lost bunny.
And don't even get me started on his laugh
and smile.
He also has other sides
But let's not talk about that
....have some pictures of
him and his bandmates
He has bromances with every member
And my favourite one......
......And that's basically it
Noo don't cry
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