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Jens & Jonas

No description

Odin Hole Standal

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Jens & Jonas

Idea Marketing Lessons
Learned Apps for Kids + App Store = First thought:
picture and text template + Easy to code
+ Could sell as a tool or service - Is just a "paper" port
- Not fun to code
- Does not take advantage of the medias
potential Wanted: <<Shake>> Voice over Touch Video iPad + iPhone DEMO Technical Keep It Simple Code Architecture UIViewController iPad XIB iPhone XIB Page1 UIViewController iPad XIB iPhone XIB Page2 UIViewController iPad XIB iPhone XIB Page3 ... UINavigationController MyNavigationController Page1 Page1 Page1 ... Thats it! Page flow (plus some utils) Should have done:
In App Purchasing
more interactivity People expect
high quality Books for kids
is a niche A tool to create
interactive books
is in demand Be honest on
App Store
description Stupid Art @odinodin

Consultant at Webstep

2 kids + 1 more on the way @hellobard

Art Director at

1 kid Apps iOs + Android Android 13000 downloads 9000 downloads Strategy International press Norwegian press Could have been
made with Flash
in 1/10 of the time Java Objective-C The Internet
is awesome Get featured in major magazines, blogs and sites Instruments is your friend A great app with
great reviews is not enough..

Marketing is key! Native app development

Seriously consider web or
cross platform tools Top Lists at
App Store
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