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Girl, Stolen

IRP project

Kali Ann Gruden

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Girl, Stolen

Characters Summary Setting Trailer What
Happens? How did Cheyenne become blind? When Cheyenne was only 13 years old,
her and her mother were walking along the
sidewalk when a drunk driver drives off the
road and Cheyenne's mother protects Cheyenne
from being hit. She face planted into a sign
and lost her sight. Unfortunately, her mother
passed away from the extent of her injuries. Character Names Girl, Stolen Cheyenne Wilder
Danielle Wilder
Nick Wilder
Phantom Girl, Stolen Book Trailer Roy is been charged for
kidnapping, assault, and
second-degree murder.
Griffin moves to Chicago with his
Cheyenne lives a normal life. By: April Henry Bios Cheyenne- 16 year old girl that is blind with pneumonia and is kidnapped by Griffin.
Griffin- The guy who took Cheyenne by accident when he just wanted to steal the car, not her.
Danielle Wilder- Cheyenne's stepmother who fills up Cheyenne's prescription for her pneumonia at the time Cheyenne is kidnapped.
Jimbo- Griffin and TJ's friend who ends up getting shot and dies.
TJ- Griffin and Jimbo's friend who shoots Jimbo in the cold forest and leaves him and Griffin with a broken ankle to die.
Roy- Griffin's abusive father who will do anything to get the money he needs. He tries to kill Cheyenne, but Griffin stands up for her.
Nick Wilder- The father of Cheyenne who will do or pay anything to get Cheyenne back. He is also the president of Nike.
Phantom- Cheyenne's guide dog 16-year old Cheyenne is blind and sick with pneumonia. While her stepmother, Danielle, is getting antibiotics for her sickness, a guy named Griffin gets in the car
and without noticing Cheyenne, he drives off in the car with her still in it. He eventually notices her and freaks out. He didn't mean to kidnap her. He still
wouldn't let her go because he had a hard time believing she was blind. After
Griffin and his father, Roy listen to the radio, they found out that she had
pneumonia and that Cheyenne's father is the president of Nike. Roy and Griffin
think of releasing her, but it would be too dangerous. But, one day at lunch, Cheyenne asks to use the restroom and uses the window to escape, but Griffin remembers the window in the bathroom and catches her right before she gets out. After that attempt, she obeys and doesn't attempt to run away for a while. One
day, Cheyenne couldn't take it anymore and tried to escape, but Griffin tries to stop her. She takes a wrench and beats Griffin with it until he is out cold. She would run, but she is in the middle of nowhere. TJ, Griffin, and Jimbo chase after her but can't find her. Jimbo ends up being shot by TJ. Cheyenne is in the distance and hears the gunshot. She becomes terrified and runs. There is a "police officer" that stops
Cheyenne and the "officer" ends up being Roy. She shoots him in the arm and kicks him out of the car and drives off when she know she is blind. Eventually the real police find her and take her in. A few months later, Griffin calls Cheyenne and they talk about what has happened after the kidnapping. Griffin moves to Chicago with his aunt because he didn't like living with Roy anymore. They become friends and put the past behind them. (Based on
a true story) Place:
Portland, Oregon

In a house in the middle
of nowhere

2005 Connection Cheyenne Wilder is the character based off of 18-year-old Heather Wilson. Cheyenne's character portrays the pain and suffering Heather went through. Heather was kidnapped when her mother and step dad were getting Christmas presents and she became cold so her mom left the keys in the car for heat and then the kidnapper hopped in the car and took off with her still in the car. Heather doesn't know who her kidnapper was or what his actual name was. The two characters are alike in so many possible ways that it is like Heather is telling her story through a different character's perspective.
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