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School Reform Project

No description

Shruti Shukla

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of School Reform Project

School Reform Project
Mission Statement
The elective courses at our school will be modeled by those that are available at ERHS. In addition, we will add elective courses that teach students how to apply to college, how to efficiently study, how to do taxes, and how to manage your money wisely.
Measuring the Success
A. The success of our programs and reforms will be measured through surveys.

B. We will also compare the students who have high grades with those whose grades are not so

high and we will monitor the difference at the end of every quarter.

C. We will survey the people who don’t perform well and find out what will make them perform

better according to their own opinions.
Shruti Shukla, Jonathan Garcia, Sean Akene
Extended Research
8. The Federal Government has invested in over 220 STEM programs in over 13 agencies.

Despite an annual federal investment of about $3 billion, many American students are unskilled

in math and science, especially students from marginalized groups, and the nation’s STEM

workforce needs are not being met. The United States must provide students with a firm

education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to prepare them to succeed in the

modern world.


Thank You
Daily/ Weekly Schedule
In our school, classes will start at 10 a.m. They will end at 3 p.m. and instead of the typical Monday through Friday week, school will be from Tuesday through Friday. Students will be well rested and have more down time to part take in their own hobbies. There will be a breakfast schedule that provides healthy food choices to ensure kids can perform their best in schools.
Course Requirements
While students should be able to choose their courses for the most part, subjects such as Government (to know their rights, the law, etc), Health (to be aware of illnesses and proper hygiene), English, and any science class of interest will be required. Like African American studies, there will be other ethnicity classes offered and students will be randomly assigned to one each year so they can understand the world with a broader perspective.
Elective Courses
Student Code of Conduct
Grading Policies
A. Homework will be reduced however, it will carry a heavy grade.

B. Tests and quizzes will not determine majority of the grade because most people who fail tests

are smart but are not just good at testing.

C. Classwork grades will be of a higher percentage.

D. Unexcused absences will result in a great loss of points. Tardiness will be permitted should

a student walk in within the first five minutes of class. Students who show up late after the first

five minutes of class will lose points.

Our mission statement is to give students the freedom of making their choices and helping them excel in their plans after high school whether it involves joining the workforce or attending college. We intend to do so through programs, different course options, and qualified teachers.
1. Cell phones are permitted. We live in a world where technology is evolving. In high school, students should know when the appropriate times to use them are where it's not disruptive or disrespectful to the teacher. This rule does not apply when taking tests.
2. If a student feels comfortable in what they are wearing, there should be no dress code, as long as it is not considered publicly indecent.
3. Students that cause fights, vandalize, and disrupt classrooms will not be suspended, instead they will be put in classes that are designed to help them change their ways instead of just punishing them.
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