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John Forbes Nash, Jr.

No description

Hermon Wong

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of John Forbes Nash, Jr.

A Brilliant Madness
A Beautiful Mind
John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Wedding day 1957
Nash's home
Nash on the 21st century
Quotes about Nash
"Mother insisted I do things for him, that include him in my friendships... but I wasn't too keen on showing off my somewhat odd brother."
Quotes by Nash
"You don't have to be a mathematician to have a feel for numbers."
June 13, 1928 (age 86)
Bluefield, West Virginia, U.S.
United States
Mathematics, Economics
Alma mater?
Princeton University
Carnegie Institute of Technology
What is the
Nash equilibrium?
28-page dissertation on non-cooperative games
Crucial concept
Child Prodigy
Brilliant Mathematician
Gifted Economist
John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Nash's Memories
Mental disorder
Quotes from Family members
"We tormented poor John. We were very unkind. We were obnoxious. We sensed he had a mental problem."
- A fellow student
- John Nash
- Martha (John Nash's sister)
Heavy medication
"Intellectually reject"
Paranoid schizophrenia
Insulin shock therapy
Princeton University
Nash Equilibrium
More about Nash
2001 American biographical drama film
4 Academy awards
Full movie can be found on Youtube
A Beautiful Mind
A Brilliant Madness
Nash Timeline
"This man is a genius"
Chemistry at CIT
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Masters of Science in Mathematics
Lost interest
E.T. Bell.'s Men of Mathematics
Professor R.J. Duffin
Loves knowledge
Letter of recommendations
Pay yourself
Full scholarship
J.S. Kennedy Fellowship
Equilibrium thoery
2 years
Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994
Prevent thinking
Real or Not Real
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