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Content marketing innovations for startups

Today's startups need to be online on different channels, here we go quickly through the journey of understanding how to do that. This is our session @ Startup Haus in Tunis, 2016 modified originally from our workshop at Riseup summit 2014

Fady Aziz

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Content marketing innovations for startups

Thinking "Far away" from the box!
Lets get our hands on it !

Remember twitter & Instagram #IOTTT

And now .....
Everybody is "doing social media" :(

How far do know your values?!
Plan - Do - check - Act

How far do you understand the needs?

Craft your product/service via innovation
So, what is "Content marketing"?!
Whats my goal here!?
Lets understand the funnel :)

Moving to innovation
Lets move away from the box!
Understand the Context!
Lets Fly!
Content marketing innovations for Startups
Fady Ramzy
CEO, Insideout today
Website traffic?
Brand awareness?
Lead generation?
Customer acquisition?
All of the above & more?
"People start from Search Engines! But do we get beyond the 1st search results page?"
Higher ranking SERP, increase in first time visitors, social interaction
Blog posts, News articles, Press Releases, etc
Associate your brand to trending topics
"Its all about building the brand's "trust"!
Higher page views, longer visit durations, lower bounce rates, social recommendations
Custom web page content, newsletters, White papers, ect
We got customers!
Increased conversion rates, sources of conversion, social referrals
Choose new platforms!
Ex: Scan media & Augmented Reality
The Art of story telling
Keep it "Human" !
Lets go to
the beach!
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