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Untitled Prezi

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tyler hicks

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

animal cells have a centrosome which serves the main organizing center of an animal cell.
they both
have a cell
membrane is the cell wall
plant cells have a
animal cells do not
have a vacuole which iceolates that might be harmful to
the body.
animal cells have a
Both cells have a
nuclear pore
plant cells have a cell wall which is a tough and flexible, but sometimes a very rigid layer that surrounds some types of cells.
For the cause!!!
Scary eyes!!
they both
have cells
Plant cells have are vecile
Animal cells have a
animal cells don't have chloroplast
Animal cells have a centriole
plant cells do have chloroplast which serves a purpose at
doing photosynthesis,
Plant cells have secretary vesciles which is the proccess of releasing and oozing chemicals.
animal cells are only
found in animals
Plant cells can only be found in plants
both have riboesomes
By: Charlie Simon,Tyler Hicks,Alex DeWerth
95% of the cells are bacteria.
cells make animals and plants stronger
animal cells have a cytoplasm
plant cells have a plasmodesma
plant cells have a cytoplasm and contents of
prokaryote organisms such as bacteria and contains
the contents,
every plant must go though a process called photosynthesis
They both have
a nucleus the nucleus is
the brain
cells make plants and animals strong
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