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Causes of WWI

No description

Joseph Lesher

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of Causes of WWI

Nationalism and Competition
WWI would be named the war to end all wars. It certainly did not end all wars but it set the stage for much deadlier and more terrifying wars in the 20th century.
-An alliance is an agreement or treaty made between countries to be used for many different things...
Some Key Places and People
In Review
What is militarism?
Terms and People
Causes of WWI
-Nationalism: Devotion to one's nation.
-By the end of the 1800s, new nations in Europe began to dramatically change the relationships between already existing countries.
-Glorification of the military
-Major European nations began building their military up in numbers never been seen before.
-Machine guns, mobile artillery, tanks, submarines, and airplanes would all forever change how wars were fought.
What possible things do you think they could be?
-During WWI, there were two major alliances.
-The Triple Entente(Allied Powers): France, Great Britain and Russia
-The Triple Alliance(Central Powers): Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy(but they would change sides before any fighting takes place) The Ottoman Empire would replace Italy.
A territory lost by France to Germany in 1871. Extremely valuable for coal and steel. Caused more hatred between France and Germany
Kaiser William II:
German emperor that greatly increased its military before the outbreak of WWI.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand:
Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Gets assassinated by a Serbian, sparking the war to begin.
President Wilson:
President of the United States. Promotes Neutrality (not picking a side) as a policy for the US at the start of the war.
What are alliances?
Who made up the Triple Entente?
What countries made up the Triple Alliance?
The War Begins...
On June 28th, 1914, Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were assassinated in Serbia.
Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
Russia then mobilized for war against Austria-Hungary.
Germany then mobilized for war against Russia.
France then mobilized for war against Germany.
Then Germany declared war on Belgium, prompting England to declare war on Germany.
By August of 1914, almost all major powers in the world were at war due to their alliances.
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