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Pop Culture Project

No description

Roxana Cokan

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Pop Culture Project

popular in the past presently popular what is in who is popular popular what is popular what is out? not so much This show is popular because it is very entertaining and makes people laugh. There is nothing on television like this show, which is why people find it amusing and something different. The whole family is so strange that viewers can’t not watch it. Also, in our society today, it has become acceptable and is encouraged through advertising for children to go through the whole pageant process. what is out out out Uggs are popular boots that so many people wear because they are comfortable and warm. Also, many celebrities wear them which help make them so popular and desirable. They are very durable, good quality and last long. Toms are on every teenager and young adults feet. They are popular because if you buy a pair, a pair goes to a child in need. This makes society feel like they are part of a good cause and is another reason to buy them. Celebrities wear them, which pressures society to fit in and get a pair. There are several different styles and variety of Toms that lets individuals express themselves and not be exactly the same as others. who is not what is not what is out? in the past "I Gotta Feeling" "Crank That" Zoey 101 was such a popular show on Family
that so many young viewers enjoyed. The location of the school in Malibu was desirable. What kid wouldn't want to go to a school by the ocean? All of the characters in the show were unique and entertained the viewers with their drama and funny plot. And viewers of the TV show could relate to the topics that were mentioned. But soon, viewers lost interest in the show once they kept showing re-runs, and when Family came out with new and different shows. Heelys were the coolest shoes back in 2003. So many young children had them. They were popular because they had wheels on the bottom of each shoe, so it made walking around so much more fun because they could heel their way around. The shoes kept children entertained, and every child had them, so you also felt pressured to buy a pair. But soon styles changed and people grew out of them. Also, Heelys can be dangerous. Wearing wheel's on your shoe is like wearing a pair of roller blades... except with Heelys, you are less likely to be wearing a helmet. The Hunger Games is a popular series because of the thrilling plot and action. They are all page turners and have concepts that are different then the regular books we read, but we can still relate to. Katniss was likable because she was so strong, brave, and rebellious. The movie sparked the popularity of the books because Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth are famous actors. Readers have created competitions like Peeta vs. Gale and it has become what people talk about in conversation. The books have gained so much popularity by word of mouth. The Twilight series was HUGE and was in everyone's face for a long period of time. It was desirable because of the supernatural elements (vampires, werewolves). The romance between Bella, Edward and Jacob reeled many female readers into reading the books and choosing sides like "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob". Edward is portrayed as such a perfect guy and then in the movies Robert Pattinsion played as him, which helped get more viewers. The books and movies were literally everywhere and won so many awards at different award shows that helped advertise the series. But newer series have come out and readers are always looking for more to read. Since there are so many books out there and there have been new books put into the spotlight, readers have become interested in different books. Arizona drinks are popular basically because they are delicious and so cheap. Tutti Frutti has become a nationwide company with millions of customers. It's so popular because of the different combinations you can make with the several flavors of frozen yogurt, and toppings. It's delicious and something people can be creative with and original. The iPhones and apple products are a part of pop culture because people have a desire to feel part of a collective and “iPhone community”. They have become obsessed over the new and improved products. The phone might be the same or not even better than the last one, but society feels the need to be in what’s new and get the latest gadgets to fit in. It’s a new expectation for us to meet. The iPhone and apple products are very handy and nifty though, because the devices have everything you need in one which makes it very convenient. The song "Call Me Maybe" is on every radio station, music shows and always in our ears because it is catchy. Also, Justin Bieber took over Carly Rae Jepsen, so it was not hard for him to advertise her, being such a popular and known artist, that her song started get millions of views and was always in the public’s face. The video of Barack Obama singing the song made it even more popular. "You don't know you're beautiful
That's what makes you beautiful" Temple Run was such a popular downloaded game on people's phone's and iPads. It became addicting because you always want to beat your high score and couldn't stop playing. It's a game you can compete with your friends to see who gets a higher score. And its even free! But There are so many apps out there to get nowadays that don't cost anything and are so much fun to play. People in the 21st century are so used to getting the newest and latest things. So once they hear there is something new, there is always a curiosity factor that will lead them to trying it out. Lady Gags is a pop icon because she enforces that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that being different makes you unique and an individual. Her music is up beat and catchy, and her style is very different which catches society's eye on her. What she does, people follow. Mine craft is a game that appeals to all ages, genders, and personalities all over the world. There are always new updates coming out to keep the game current and to add new elements, whether its a new building material or animal. You get an island entirely to yourself to build anything you want. There are many different modes as well, like creative and survival. So whether you just want to build with unlimited materials, or if you want to kill some monsters that come out at night, then this is the game for you. There are also multilayer servers that you can play in which allow you to build with people all over the world. There is really no other game quite like it. Hilary Duff was a huge role model and inspiration to many young girls, and was a huge part of their childhood. She built a huge fandom with Lizzie McGuire, a show based on Lizzie's life that Hilary Duff played as. Her songs were catchy, show was entertaining, clothing line was stylish, and was all a young girl wanted. She faded out of the spotlight nicely and moved on with her life as a mom and book writer. Walkman's use to be the coolest and latest gadgets that were great sellers. You could just put in a CD and carry around the portable player. It was convenient and affordable, but as time moved on, newer devices were created that won over the old Walkman's. The new devices looked nicer and were easier to use. Thanks for watching!
London is a very popular place to visit after the London olympics. The olympics sparked some new tourism and more people have an interest to travel there because of the sport games that took place there with many people all over the world participating. It has many tourist attractions such as the Big Ben, the London Eye, and also is where the Queen lives. Songs such as "We Are Young" by Fun., "Friday" by Rebecca Black, and "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye, all had there moments in the spotlight. For reasons such as, being catchy and relatable to teenagers, and always being played on the radio. (except for 'Friday' that's just cruel) They also had catchy beats and one of those tunes that get stuck in your head. But new songs can be created fast and soon people wanted to listen to something different. Greece has gone through many troubling times especially with their economy. There are many riots happening there. This has decreased the amount of people traveling there for safety reasons. In the past junk food was all anybody would eat, but not anymore. People have become more cautious of the types of food they put into their body and are striving for a healthier lifestyle. Hope you don't have motion sickness! :) Hope you don't have motion sickness! :)
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