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Factors that affect inbound and domestic tourism in the UK.

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Floortje Vrijenhoek

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of Factors that affect inbound and domestic tourism in the UK.

Health, safety and security within the UK
Competition from other destinations/Marketing campaigns
Internal factors affecting the tourist market
Internal factors affecting the tourist market
External factors affecting the tourist market
The UK is a good connected country for international tourism
Hundreds of air routes, sea routes and the Channel Tunnel
Lots of international airlines which makes it easy to visit the UK
Benefit for tourism and the UK economy
Increase of low-cost airlines
Tourism promotion > Visit Britain's work is selling and promoting the UK
Objective behind their GREAT Britain campaign is to add value tourism industry and the UK economy
They want to show that Britain is great place to visit, study, invest and do business with
Monday, October 31, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Recession and strength of the pound
External factors that affect the tourist market
Currency exchange rates do affect the travel industry
Pound strong > expensive holidays to the UK
(negative for inbound tourists)
Pound cheap > cheaper holidays to the UK
(positive for inbound tourists)
Weather is an important factor in choosing a holiday destination
Bad weather in the UK affects the tourism sector
Floods or heatwaves will affect the inbound and domestic tourism
British people like to escape their country because of the weather but figures shows that in 2015 there were more domestic trips than inbound trips in the UK
Factors that affect inbound and domestic tourism in the UK
Internal factors affecting the tourist market
Britain is one of the safest countries in the world
Airports have increased their security measures
Since recent terrorist attacks in Europe, decrease in leisure tourism
Drop by 5% in leisure tourism in Europe
International arrivals have dropped by 6% in London
2011: Riots in London
Protest in Tottenham with thousands of people
Cars, shops and houses were burned
Domestic tourists were afraid to visit London
Inbound tourists were avoiding the whole UK
2013: Terrorist attack on a British Soldier, London
Radicalized men killed a soldier on a street in daylight
People get concerned for their own safety on the streets
2014/2016: Terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, Istanbul
Europe saw a drop in arrivals after attacks
Thank you!
Ryanair, Easyjet
Allows people with lower budgets to go on holiday to the UK
Frequency of traveling to the UK increases with easy accessibility
There has been an increase in weekend, short-break and city trips
domestic tourists are able to fly within their own country (cheap, fast)
Europeans used to drive to their holiday destinations in Spain or France and now they are able to fly very cheap to the UK
Heathrow Airport and Visit Britain started campaign to help tourism in flooded areas (2016)
Bad weather affects the tourism sector as the weather in the UK have become more seriously dangerous due the storms and flooding's
Because of the weather British people could leave the UK and go to sunny destinations this will affect domestic tourism in a negative way
BREXIT > European, American and Chinese people visiting UK to exploit the cheap pound
Overseas visitors get more pounds for their money (2016)
Family holidays costs for British people traveling to Europe had risen by £429 due to the fall in sterling
(positive for domestic tourists)
GREAT Britain's, biggest ever tourism campaign, was launched in 2011 to promote Britain abroad ahead the London Olympic Games in 2012, after that there is a increase in tourist numbers and tourist spending as you can see in this figure
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