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Decree of April 6, 1830

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Michelle Williams

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Decree of April 6, 1830

Decree of April 6, 1830
The Decree of April 6, 1830 came into the result of Mier y Teran, who was the last hope for Mexican Texas. This decree stopped immigration from The United States to Texas. This law slowed, or mostly stopped the immigration for a long time period.
Cause & Effect of the Decree of April 6, 1830
The Decree of April 6, 1830 was caused by Mier y Teran, a man who reported to stop the United States from "aquiring" Texas. His suggestions and ideas came into place with the Decree of April 6, 1830.
The Decree of April 6, 1830 then turned the effect into increasing tensions between the bordering states Texas and Mexico. It also outlawed immigration, so it slowened the immigration process between the United States and Texas.
The decree of April 6, 1830 slowened, and almost comepletly stopped immigration from the United States to Mexico, thanks to reports from Mier y Teran. He recommended that the immigration be greatly ordered to stop.
The Creation of the Decree
The Decree of April 6, 1830 was created to stop the immigration from Texas to the United States. Yes, it worked. Most of the immigration stopped once it was outlawed.
The Anglos
The Anglos were affected by taxes. They couldn't purchase anything from the United States without being taxed upon. As well as not having friends or family members or people of any kind come from the United States to Texas.
Mier y Teran
Anglo-American Poster
Mier y Teran
Mier y Teran was a inspector for the immigration for Texas to the United States. He reported and specifically and strongly suggested that immigration should stop between the two.
Mier y Teran was sent to investigate the immigration between the two.
The influence of the Anglos was strong because there was a great population of them. For every Mexican, there would be ten Anglos. The report of Mier y Teran effected the Mexican Government because once the stop of immigration started, they had to send more soliders.
Fredonian Revolt
In 1826, two brothers started a rebellion against the Mexican government, it turned into something more. They felt it was unfair, and later on, the Mexican Government stomped over the revolt.
They did not side with them because they didn't believe in the rebellion to destroy their way of life.
The Consultation
A group of Texans and Mexicans got into a fight,in 1836, the Texans were unhappy and called a meeting called, "The Consultation," to discuss issues and problems.
Mexican Trust
The Texans said they were loyal to Mexico, so they could earn the trust they wanted from Mexico.
The Right Desicion
I believe this was the right desicion, if they didn't, Mexico would probably feel betrayed and think of them as part of the rebels. Doing this showed trust and comfort towards Mexico.
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