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Copy of Template: Reveal a new perspective

Using one large image

Ayesha Grant

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Template: Reveal a new perspective

Let me give you some perspective.... ACCESS as a way of LIFE "The SHIFT from OWNERSHIP TO ACCESS is often a piecemeal affair. The transformation is somethings so nuanced that it goes virtually unnoticed and becomes transparent only in hindsight." What is it about CIDs that draws in the crowds? we started from here Place, which for so long provided context and helped characterize a person's very being in the world, is less relevant in today's high-speed, highly mobile society "emerging global regime
of integration..." Takeaway.
Bye. One thing.. It is an Buddhist description of the world as a flame where change appears as continuity, and difference as identity. with this orientation, it is not change and difference but unity and identity that require explanation. Access A commodified experience. So.... 30 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr "All the Familiar economic Totems seem to be
dissolving one by one." "COMMON-INTEREST DEVELOPMENTS"
(CIDS) Change in housing arrangements
over the past twenty-five years BELIEF-- by living with others who share
common values and enjoy comparable incomes,
and by being able to shut out others who might threaten
real estate values, one's investment in home and property can be secured. Virtual Migration While we become more connected and interdependent,
do we risk at the same time becoming less-sufficient and more vulnerable? From CIDs to accessing global labor...
Lets talk about it. Transnational Labor Changeover from ownership to access relationships
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