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Create your own country project


Summer Campbell

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Create your own country project

The Country Acobaleno
Main Facts about the Country

The country Acobaleno is located 45,000
miles off the west coast of Hawaii and is a
island country. The country is ruled by an
monarchy, meaning that the country is ruled by a king and Queen. The sort of monarchy however is the more modern type of monarchy.

There are 3 major languages in this country.
One of them is english. English is the second
language sponken in this county, the first language being Italian. The last language
being spanish. You do not need to know these languages to come to this country because there are other languages spoken also. Just these were the 3 major languages of the country
As the country being an island there may be alot of advantages and disadvantages. Besides that this island has all 4 seasons, forests, rivers even some large mountains. The mountains are only located in 2 states in the entire country and one of the mountains reaching the hight of 19,000'. The longest river is estimated to be 6,000 kilomiters(3,728 miles). The name of that river is Fiume di Pace. Italian for River of Peace. There are forests and grasslands scattered across the country and there are beaches located all along the coast
Forests, Rivers and Mountains
Acobaleno has all 4 seasons except there is a small catch. Winter is the longest season of the 4. Mostly in the 2 mountain states they have harsh winters. Winter lasts 5 months. Spring and fall only lasting for 2 months each. Summer lasts for 3 months. The seasons only are like this because where the country is located and also air pollution from oil faculities.

There is one very long river(Fiume di pace) in the entire country. The river runs from the northern part of the country to the south eastern tip. Since this is the longest river it is a great attraction for tourists and also residents of the country. There are other rivers but, they are really small. Some are also too dangerous to explore.
There are also pounds and small lakes scattered all around the place.
The Seasons
When it comes to natrual resources the country has alot of it. In example, oil, coal, silver and gold. The miners are sometimes even lucky to find a diamond time to time. Mining and fracking are very common resources through out the country. They also have all natrual herbs and spices.
Even though the country is very small it has a very large population. A total of 3,876,413 people populate the small island country. Migation is very low. What religions of the country there are vary because people represent the religion they want to represent. This is not a religion based country.
Population and Religion
Jobs and work:
There are many types of jobs. Such as being a farmer of doctor. The jobs are normal jobs that you would see in america or even other places around the world. The unemployment rate is very low because it is very easy to find a job of your liking, meaning also that homelessness and poverty are reduced to a very low rate in this country.
The flag:
The flag has a unique design of patterns and colors. Each color and pattern represents something. The colors are green, red, blue, yellow, orange, white and black. Orange representing the people and thier cultures as a whole. White represents the people who have passed. Yellow represents the 24 states along with the stars on the flag. Blue representing the english. Green representing the italian. Red representing the spanish. In the middle of the flag there is a large "A" sorounded by a sun. That represents the country as a whole.
The Monarchy:
This sort of monarchy is slightly different. Citizens of the country elect their king and queen like we do with our president. If there is a problem with one of the rulers the they can be overthrown from their power. The king watches over the country, defending the country if there is ever a crisis. The queen makes the laws but, the king decides if that law should or should not be passed.
The money of the country is called maralose. 1 american dollar is equal to 4 maralose. There also pennies which are called pence.
1 Pence is equal to a Quarter.
Front and Back of Pence
There are 3 groups of Military. The boarder patrol, Sea patrol and City patrol. The uniforms are blue.

1. Destruction of city property is prohibited,
2. No abusing animals.
3. Women and Men are equal
4. Slavery is not allowd in this country
5. No abusing the use of fire arms
6. Littering is not allowd
7. The city is not a out door restroom
8. Everyone can represent their religion in a freely appropriate way.
Create your own country project
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