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Weimar Republic

No description

Claralys Gonzalez

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Weimar Republic

Weimar Republic Alles Schwindel Weimar germany was a center of artistic innovation, great creativity...
The inexperienced freedom led to an explosion of artistic production
Germans were into film, visual arts architecture, craft , theater and music Culture History -Alles Schwindel : "Grand mamas a lying their, were perfectly shameless were blame less after all its our belief nowadays the world is rotten honesty Alles Schwindel has been forgotten. " shows how they though life was rotten dunning the weimar republic - Symbol for now germans felt, they were broken

- Skinny , they were wasted

- Life less The Fallen Men (1915-1916) Describes the humor they faced
(face of humor)
-Darkness symbolized nightmares , evil and fear "Wounded" otto Dix (1916) - Shows how chaotic things were
- Men where angry and demanding

-A lot of things going on at the same time

-Made Germans feel pressured and or stressed The Agitator George Grosz - An example of what was to come in Germany
- Painting was burned to the ground by nazis in nov of 1938 Synagogue Max Beckman http://weimar.facinghistory.org/content/culture Sources http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_Map_of_Weimar_Republic_(Germany)_1919_-_1933.png The End
By Elinam Dela-Seshie
Claralys Gonzalez
Raheem (A$AP) Buckmire
Chanse Dickerson
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