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Religious Studies - Family Life and Marriage

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on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Religious Studies - Family Life and Marriage

Christian Teachings on Family Life
The family life and family unit are very important to Christians, why?
Christian Attitudes to

Most Christians believe is it wrong because:
Marriage was intended by God to be between a man and a woman
Same sex partners cannot naturally have children which is a main purpose of marriage
Homosexuality is seemed to undermine the family unit
The Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong
Christian Attitudes to Divorce
Different Christians have different attitudes towards divorce, which is the legal termination of a marriage.
Changing Attitudes
Why have attitudes towards issues like marriage, divorce, the family and homosexuality changed?
Christian Attitudes to
Sex Outside Marriage
Most Christian teachings say that sex outside marriage is
Religious Studies
Marriage and Family Life

Some Christians feel it is acceptable if:
The couple love each other
The couple are in a long term committed relationship
They intend to get married in the future
Other Christians Believe:
People can make mistakes and so it is acceptable.
God is ready to forgive sins.
Divorced people can sometimes remarry in a Church.
Jesus seemed to allow divorce in the case of adultery.
The UK is now a
People are more
of difference
Less focus on the Church
and Christian teachings
Decline in traditional family values
Fewer marriages
, and religious marriage ceremonies
Homosexuality is more acceptable
- Civil Partnership Acts
Foundation of Society -
Children brought up in a loving
family can be taught their morals,
and keeps a stable society of mutual
The Bible:
The bible teaches that children should honor
and respect their parents.
The Church:
Children are introduced to the church
through the family when baptized.
Church can also be educated in the
Christian faith.

The Church as a Unit:
The church is seen as
a family of Christians.
The Christian community
provides support to families.
Types of Family
Nuclear Family
- Mother, father and children living as a unit.
Re-Constituted Family
- Step families which have joined together through re-marriage.
Extended Family
- Parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins living together.
Single Parent Family
- One parent and children.
Same Sex Family
- Two same sex parents and children.

The bible teaches that sex is special and should
be saved for marriage.
Adultery is forbidden in the 10 Commandments.
Married Couples should be faithful to each other.
They believe children
born outside marriage
have a less stable family life.
Promiscuity makes people
vulnerable to STI's.

Some Christians feel co-habitation is acceptable because:
It is a step towards marriage
It helps the couple find out if they will be suited as marriage partners
Many Christians, such as Catholics, believe:
Divorce is wrong as it is intended for life.
Jesus said divorce is wrong.
Marriage is a sacrament and divorce would break the promises
made to God.
Other Christians are more
tolerant because:
Some believe it is perfectly natural and all humans are created equally by God.
Some will bless a Civil Partnership relationship
Jesus taught to "love your neighbor", this means you should respect everyone.
Christian Attitudes to
Contraception is the intentional prevention of pregnancy.
It is a very controversial issue, because:
Some believe it is
Every sexual act should be open to the possibility of having a child
The main purpose of marriage is to have children
Sex was a gift from God for procreation
Contraception may encourage promiscuity
But others believe:
Using contraception is not a sin
In times of difficulty or ill health, contraception is more acceptable
It can be used to help family planning
Sex is not just for pro-creation
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