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Blogging For Journalists: Bringing an Audience, Bringing a Brand

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Andy Cline

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of Blogging For Journalists: Bringing an Audience, Bringing a Brand

Blogging for Journalists Bringing an Audience, Bringing a Brand Examples: Reuters
Meranda Writes
Blogging and Opinion Journalism What we know about
blogging and journalism: Very little. But... News organizations expect student journalists to: Know one or more standard CMSs
Already be blogging
Already have gained an audience
Have thought about what it all means
Be able to teach the old farts in the newsroom
Understand how to stay out of trouble
Add value
Hit the ground running Your audience: Are you? Writing about things that interest an audience (and you)?
Promoting your writing with social media tools?
Asking your audience for help and participation?
Giving your audience a voice?
Becoming a real person to them?
Serving the primary purpose of journalism?
Serving secondary purposes, too? Your brand: Are you? Focusing?
Offering a blogging policy?
Writing with personality?
Sharing yourself (without the whole TMI thing)?
Promoting with social media (always be promoting)?
Offering a well-designed weblog?
Making your blog easy to navigate?
Displaying a mug shot and/or logo?
Participating on other blogs and forums?
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