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Unit 32- Storyboard Pitch

No description

Emmanuel Oluyitan

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of Unit 32- Storyboard Pitch

Storyboard Pitch Presnt a pitch identifying the content of a proposed animation My stop animation had involved characters of people and a dinosaur. However I have changed the insight to the story and instead of a dinosaur I have introduced a billboard. as the main protagonist. 1. 2. Opening scene begins with a lego character spotting a billbaord in the middle of the street. Amazed with the designs of the billboard, the lego man approaches it. 3. Also fascinated by the colours and design of the billboard, other legomen go to witness it laying in the middle of the street. 4. This scene Supposedly was meant to be long/tracking shot of the legomen standing infront of the billboard. However I shot my animation as a whole shot. But this scene basically highights the legomen surrouding the billboard. 5. I was planning to include a dinosaur in my stop animation. Consequently,
it was very difficult to keep the dinoasaur moving as I struggled to maintain the toy's
balance. Therefore i resulted in changing the dinosaur into a billboard to create
something different and unusual. 6. This scene would have portrayed the legomen and the dinosaur looking at the billboard before witnessing eachother and panicking over the situation.

Due to changing my dinosaur character, this scene sees one of the legomen eaten by the billboard before pursuing the other lego characters. 7. Final scene sees the billboard on a rampage who wants to devour the legomen one by one. The legomen try to retreat but are slowly but sadly eaten away by the mouth-watering billboard. I wanted to create something very different and be more imaginative with my storyline. CHARACTERS citizens of Lego City. Main protagonists

unknown protagonist terrorising Lego city Legomen Billboard Dinosaur primary protagonist but was replaced by the billboard. LOCATION Setting takes place at Lego City
on a normal day. The story takes place in the afternoon. PROPS/MATERIAL Material used mainly for the billboard was
articles, newspapers, magazines, coloured pipe cleaner and cardboard.
Props such as Lego material were mainly used to create streets, roads and a car. Legomen looked casual. BACKGROUND Shooting my stop motion animation was taken within the studio because it provides me with good lighting effect which was helpful to create daylight for my animation. Studio was very useful towards my animation
because I was able to concentrate and not get distracted. Equipment within the studio was a good addition towards my plan. For example I wanted to make my Lego City seem to look like it was being ascended thorugh air with a mountain underneath it but while filming you do not witness it. I found using the dinosaur toy a
stuggle as it continuously kept falling
over which lead to me changing
the character to a billboard. The billboard, to me, is very creative and different and
wanted to make the scenery unexpected rather than
repeatable or too simple. This is why I find using the billboard
to be experimental but worth the try. C H A N G E S HOPE YOU ENJOY IT
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