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This is a project for a music class teaching about the basic concept of rhythm, beat, tempo, subdivisions and more! It is meant to be used for students who are learning music for the first time, probably grades 3 and 4.

Joaquin Zamudio Garcia

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Rhythm

The subdivision of a space of time into a defined, repeated pattern. Rhythm is the controlled movement of music in time. It may be defined as the division of music into regular metric portions; the regular pulsation of music.
Is the heart beat of rhythm!
We can establish a pulse or "beat" even with our hands and feet!
It can be...
rhythm is the most independent of all elements of music
without melody or harmony, it can stand by itself
rhythm interacts immediately with our bodies
without it, music can become boring
Making the beat fast or slow, is what we call TEMPO
Sometimes rhythm is more complex and harder to notice, but it is still there!
Rhythm can make us relax or get very excited depending on the Tempo and other quialities
In music we divide the beat in smaller subdivisions: halfs, thirds, fourths and more...
Example: dividing the beat in half
Dividing the beat in three or thirds. Also called triplets
Dividing the beat in four is one of the most common practices
Practice this fun exercise and divide your beat!
We experience a pulse or "Beat" from our mother and our own. Even before we are born!!
Beat subdivision chart

Whole Note

Dividing the half note
in 2 parts

Quarter Note

Dividing the whole note
in 2 parts

Half Note

Example: setting up a beat
Now you can play a rhythm game:


...and turn on your metronome to practice!:

Rhythm Podcast
Listen to Thelonious Monk and Antonin Dvorak
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