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The World of Creepypasta!

Me and my two friends had to choose a subject to make a presentation about, and I instantly thought of Creepypasta! It's really cool, and it any of you are into horror stories I highly recommend you read some pastas. I'll put some links in the commen

Trinity Viscarra

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of The World of Creepypasta!

The World of Creepypasta!
Trinity Viscarra
Alexis Ordonez &
Lizette Estrada
Hello everyone! Today Lizette, Alexis and I are here to teach you about the horrifically amazing world of Creepypasta!
For those of you that already know what it is, feel free to jump in and participate whenever you want! Just don't interrupt me I will cut you! (Just kidding)
...No I'm not >:)
Moving on!
Kree-pee-pah-stuh (n) Creepypastas are short horror stories, fanfiction or other media that are collected and shared across the Internet with the intent of frightening or unnerving the reader. Creepypastas are similar to urban legends, although creepypastas do not always take the form of written text or spoken word; some consist of allegedly haunted images, videos, or games, such as: The Three Kings, Light as a Feather Stiff as A Board, and many more!

American Translation: A bunch of scary stories and games on the internet :)
Bloody Mary,
Although most people deny it, I like to think that most people in the world have at least heard of at least ONE Creepypasta in their lifetime.

Three Pastas that are most common among the public are: Bloody Mary, Jeff the Killer and Slenderman.
Jeff the Killer: The origin story for Jeffery Williams (Jeff the Killer) is a gruesome one. Jeff and his mom day and little brother Liu moved to a new town. On Jeff and Liu's first day of school, they are attacked by a group of bullies. One of them pulls out a knife and tries to stab Jeff. He doges it, grabs the knife out of his hand, and uses it against all the bullies. One is stabbed, and the other two are beaten vigorously. Two days later Jeff and his family go to a birthday party and Jeff is attacked by the same kid he stabbed. (Let's the punk kid Randy) So Randy tries to stab Jeff again, but Jeff runs inside the house and grabs the first thing he could find (A lighter). He's scared when he hears Randy coming inside so he quickly runs upstairs and into the bathroom. They start fighting in there when they accidentally knocked over a shelf and they got really strong cleaning chemicals all over them. (Bleach and stuff) Jeff started laughing, when Randy asked him why pointed out that he was covered in bleach, pulled out the lighter and set Randy on fire. The fire spread to him too and his body was completely engulfed in the flames. Two weeks later Jeff is at the hospital getting his bandages taken off. His skin was inhumanly white, his hair (once a light brown) was an inky black and his lips were blood red. His family was horrified with what their son had become. Jeff however, thought the opposite. In face he thought he was absolutely resplendent! After two or three days he was ready to go home. His mother later on found Jeff in the bathroom with a knife, carving a bloody smile into his face. "Jeff! What are you doing!" his mom asked. "I couldn't smile on the time, so I fixed that! Don't I look beautiful?" He replied quite happily. "Yes, Jeffery. You look.... What's wrong with your eyes?" "I couldn't see myself in the mirror when My eyes were closed, so I fixed that too!" Jeff had apparently used a lighter to burn off his eyelids, so he couldn't close his eyes. His mother quickly ran to her husband to tell her what Jeff had done. Jeff overheard their conversation and accused his parents of lying to him. He snapped. He pounced on his mother and father and brutally murdered both of them. He went down stairs, took a knife, and went to his brother Liu's bedroom where he watched him sleep for awhile. When Liu woke up, he screamed. Jeff jumped on top of him as well, covered his mouth, and wispered in his ear.
"Go to sleep..."
Jeff The Killer
BEN Drowned
The Ghost that Haunts Majora's Mask
Benjamin was just a normal kid who loved to play video games. Legend of Zelda specifically, so when he got Majora's Mask for the N64 he was overjoyed! He played it more than any of the games he had received before. His father became concerned, and made plans with him to go out somewhere. When he got to the stone temple he saved his game and went to go see his father in the living room. His father said that they were to go to the lake. Benjamin didn't get the choice to stay home. When they got to the lake his father pulled out some beers and started drinking. He hated it, but he wasn't surprised. His father had always been a heavy drinker. After awhile the heat got to Ben and he jumped into the lake accidentally splashing him with the water. His father stood up, obviously angry. "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!" he yelled and began to chase after Ben. He caught him and shoved him under the water. Benjamin wasn't going down without a fight though. He grabbed his father's leg and twisted it causing him to let go. He swam into the lake and tried to get away from his drunken father. When out of nowhere, a hard blunt object hits him in the back of the head and knocked him out. It was an empty beer bottle. He started sinking to the bottom of the lake, and everything faded into darkness and he ran out of breath. When he woke up, he was in Majora's Mask, and he was wearing a familiar green tunic. He later on found out that some kid was playing the game. He made the game glitch, and he came out of the TV screen. When he came out he found out that when he made the game glitch, he shocked the kid to death. He found it fun, and continued doing it to people who click on the 'BEN' file when they play Majora's Mask for the old N64 game console.
The psychotic killer we all know and love....
Want some candy?
Laughing Jack
There once was a kid named Issac. Issac and his parents were very poor, therefore they did not have a nice house, good clothes, or any entertainment. Actually, most of the family's money went to Issac's father, so he could consume large amounts of alcohol when he felt it necessary. Every night Issac dreamed he would one day have a friend to play with, so one night on Christmas Eve, a guardian angel came to Issac and said that he would bestow upon him, a gift. On Christmas morning he saw an old fashioned wooden Jack-In-The-Box. He cranked the handle and out came a magical clown that apparently went by the name Laughing Jack. Laughing Lack said that him and Issac were linked both emotionally and mental and that he would change to Issac's liking. One day Issac goi in trouble with his parents and was sent to boarding school for many many years. Laughing Jack waited for him in his Jack-In-The-Box (As a loyal friend would) Thirteen long years later Issac came back, but he didn't let Laughing Jack free. He had forgotten about him, dismissed as a imaginary friend. This didn't make Laughing Jack feel anything though. He just sat there on his shelf, now colorless and without emotion. One day Issac came home with a lady friend. Laughing Jack was overcome with jealousy. "Why does he need a new friend? I thought I was his only friend!" LJ thought to himself in his box. Issac suddenly kissed the girl, but she didn't like that and stood up. Issac was angry at her now. "STUPID GIRL!" He shouted at her while smashing his fist in her face. Laughing Jack’s eyes widened as he witnessed the long streaks of red liquid gushing from the girl’s nose, “What game is this?” he thought, his eyes a virgin to such violent sights. I'm sorry to say Issac did quite....Unspeakable things to the girl. The girl managed to escape his grasp and scrambled towards the exit. Issac grabbed her by the end of her dress and bashed her head in with a blunt object. Thick blood splattered across the room as the girl’s body convulsed on the ground for several seconds, before going completely still. Blood was everywhere, some droplets even managed to get on Laughing Jack’s box, who was very much enjoying the show. For the first time in thirteen long years, a smile began to creep across Laughing Jack’s face, and all of a sudden a chuckle escaped his cold lips, then another, and another, until Jack was cackling and howling with laughter from inside his sealed box. "What a wonderfully fascinating game!" Laughing Jack exclaimed to himself. Issac realized that he liked to hurt people, and continued to do so. Laughing Jack always watched as he tortured his victims and he did it with an inhumanly large smile on his face. One day by sheer luck, Issac once again opened the Jack-In-The-box and had freed Laughing Jack from his Hellish confinement. Alas, Laughing Jack's colors had faded and his once childlike and fun personality had gone dull. He was now completely monochrome and had sharp teeth. LJ was excited to play the new 'Games' his best friend had demonstrated. He tortured Issac, as he had done with his victims, unaware of what he was actually doing. When Issac died, Laughing Jack was confused. He was convinced that he had done something wrong during the game. Because if this Laughing Jack promised to spread friendship and happiness throughout the world with the games he best friend had taught him.
Slender Man
Slender Man doesn't really have an origin story, it is said that he has been around since ancient times. There are actually stories from ancient Rome of a tall humanoid monster with no face and black tendrils kidnapping and devouring children. there have also been news reports, sightings, and photos in modern times. Some people kill for him. These murderers refer to themselves as his Proxy/proxies. He also has a large fanbase (As most creepypastas do). What's different about his fanbase, is that they have created multiple games and have plans to make movies revolving around his character.
Bewhere The Man with No Face...
His most popular video game
Other Creepypastas
Dr. Smiley (Insane Surgeon)
Mr. Bear & Booby (1999 Creepypasta)
The Rake
Sonic EXE (From the haunted videogame 'sonic.exe'
Hoodie & Masky
(Slender Man's Proxies)
Smile Dog
(Jeff the Killer's Pet)
Sally Williams
(Psychotic Murderer)
The Skin Taker
(Candle Cove)
Seems that this is the end of the presentation! f you have become interested in Creepypasta, then there are tons of cool websites you can check out! Even YouTube has loads of stories you can listen to!
See you in the Mad House, my Crazies!
Now I will tell you origin stories!
Weather you like it or not
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