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Respiratory System


scott taylor

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Respiratory System

The Respiratory System
Gas Exchange & Control
Functional Overview
1. External respiration:
medium for gas exchange between environment and circulatory system
2. Vocalization
3. Blood pH regulation
4. Enhancing venous return
5. Olfaction
Upper Respiratory Tract
Lower Respiratory Tract
Anatomical Overview
Conducting Zone
Upper respiratory tract
Lower respiratory tract
Respiratory Zone
Terminal bronchioles
Alveoli = increase in surface area
Respiratory Mucosa (Conducting Zone)
Pseudostratified ciliated epithelium
Goblet cells
Stratified squamous epithelium
Hyaline cartilage
Respiratory Defense
"Mucus elevator"
Nose and nasal cavity
Nasal Mucosa Functions
1. Warming
2. Humidifying
1. Nasopharynx
2. Oropharynx
3. Largyngopharynx
Laryngeal sound production
Trachea and Bronchi
Respiratory Zone Histology
Simple cuboidal epithelium (bronchioles)
Simple squamous epithelium (alveoli)
Histological Transitions
Tertiary bronchioles
more smooth muscle
less cartilage
Each lung contains ~150 million alveoli
Blind sac
Cellular Specialization
Type I cells: simple squamous epitelium
Type II (septal) cells: surfactant production
-reduces surface tension
-prevents alveolar collapse
Alveolar macrophages
Respiratory Membrane
the site of gas exchange
1. alveolar squamous epithelium
2. capillary endothelium
3. fused basal lamina
Question of the Day
These two pictures were taken ten feet apart, 301.4 miles away from 101 Gaines Hall:
1. Where where they taken?
2. Why are they different?
The End!
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