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Air pollution

No description

Candice Lazok

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Air pollution

Air Pollution in the Valley of The Sun Car Pollution DID YOU KNOW....... Fossil fuel combustion from motor vehicles has been identified as the larget contributor to air pollution in the world. Motor vehicles give out 2 types of pollution. Exhaust emissions and evaporative emissions. Exhaust Emissions Includes Carbon Monoxide, oxides of Nitrogen, hydrocarbons and particulates Evaporative Emissions Vapors of fuel being released without being burned. Power plant pollution Coal fired power plants burning coal causes smog,
soot, acid rain, global
warming, and toxic air
emissions. Coal generates 54% of our electricity, and is the single biggest air polluter in the U.S. Nuclear power plants release radioactive
isotopes pollution This is the result
of a spill or accident during the production or use of radionuclides. Toxins from this pollution can linger in the community for years. Pollution caused by construction Air Pollution Land cleaning, operation of diesel engines, demolition, burning, working with lots of dust. How?? Construction generates lots of dust from concrete, cement, wood, stone, and silica. Health Effects of
Pollution How can we help? Carpool Ride your bike! Use electric gardening
tools instead of ones
powered by gas! ..even something as simple as picking up a piece of trash. ...every little bit counts 2010 1930 What will you do to help??
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