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Back to School

Meet Your Teacher Night in 2nd Grade

Emmy Coxbill

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Back to School

Grew up outside of Torrington, WY

Taught for two years Saratoga

Second year teaching in Thermopolis
2nd Grade Teachers!!!
Miss Coxbill
Born and raised in Thermopolois

Taught 2nd Grade 12 years!!!

3 grown children.

Reside with husband.
Mrs. Carswell
From Montana

3rd year in Thermopolis

Reside with 3 children, husband,
and dog Griz
Mrs. Peterson
Learning This Year!!!
Practice, practice, practice
write narrative and expository pieces

present a piece of work

use conventions appropriately
Read a variety of genre

Make connections between texts

Read with fluency to comprehend text

Obtain information
Addition and subtraction facts to 20

Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes

Counting money up to a dollar

Read, write, compare, and order numbers 0-999

Add and subtract double digit numbers
Plants and their environment

Solids and Liquids

Earth and its changes
Community Helpers

Current Events

Social Studies
Our Classrooms
Class Expectations
Every Thursday a folder will be sent home with:

+ School Newsletter
+ Parent Notes to Sign
+ Student Corrected Work
Return FRIDAY!!!
Thursday Folders
email: kcarswel@hotsprings1.org
phone: (307) 864-3750

email: dpeterson@hotsprings1.org
phone: (307) 864-6561

email: ecoxbill@hotsprings1.org
phone: (307) 575-3000
Contact Us!!!
Morning Expectations
Students are to eat
breakfast and go
outside until 7:50
S+ 98-100

S 80-97

S- 70-79

NI 69 or below
Grading Scale

Please send healthy snacks
for the whole class!


Phones in classrooms will send you to voicemail. Will call you back as soon as possible without disrupting the learning of our classes.

Also, email is a great contact option.
Appropriate Times
Want to hear from you!
Start Now!!!
Technology & Learning
Read with an adult ORALLY 10-15 minutes every night

Spelling words every week. Test on Friday!

Must sign homework folder every night and return to school

Students may have differentiated homework depending on student need

WILD about Reading
Eat breakfast before coming into room.
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