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Copy of Starkey Hearing Technology's Summer Engineering Intern Program

No description

Jessica Perez

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Starkey Hearing Technology's Summer Engineering Intern Program

Benefits How do we find them? Manager Checklist
Intern Orientation
Assignment of value added project
Partnering with Mentors
Biweekly lunches
Monthly departmental lunches I've found my intern, what's next? How do I manage my Intern? The path to a successful internship program "An internship is any carefully monitored work or service experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she or he is learning throughout the experience" (Petrie, 2011). Benefits for Starkey: On-the-job training
Gain a realistic perspective of the working world.
Obtain marketable work experience
Make valuable business contacts
“Productive” work. For the Intern: Proposed Starkey Campus Visit (See Agenda)
Fall & Spring Science and Engineering Career Fairs Increased visibility
Build vs. Buy
“test-drive” talent
Improve retention
Save $
Give back Completion of the Program Cohort Lunch Intern Certificate Intern Evaluation Manager Evaluation Formal job descriptions
Defined milestones and deliverables
Biweekly meetings
Inclusion in meetings Internship summer program
cohort of 10-15
targeted departments
paid University of Minnesota
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