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The Outsiders Introduction

No description

Jenna Lichtle

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Introduction

The Outsiders Introduction
Some other points of reference for you...
Madras Shirts
Do You Know 1960s Slang?
1960s Oklahoma
What was popular in the 1960s?
S.E. Hinton
-Published The Outsiders in 1967 at the age of 17 (Began writing it at 15)
Get Ready to Read!
-The story was inspired by a real-life event at Hinton’s high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
-The Outsiders is widely considered the first
realistic young-adult novel.

-Other Hinton books include
Fish, Tex, and
That Was Then, This is Now.

-Used her initials so people wouldn't know she was a girl
Pop Culture in the 1960s
1960s Music
That band you like is rank!

That Kim is one knock-out broad!

When did you start carrying a heater?

Watch out, the fuzz is after us!





Pass me a cancer stick, Johnny.

The hoods cause trouble at night.

A 1967 Mustang is one tuff car.

cancer stick



I was hacked off at my parents.

There was a big rumble at the park.

He got jumped by three guys.

He got really pickled!
(under the influence)



hacked off


When did you get out of the cooler?

I could really use a weed right now.

The JD got five months in jail.

Hurry, we gotta make tracks.



the cooler

make tracks

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