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My presentation.

My name is Ián Paganini.

Ián Ara Paganini

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of My presentation.

My presentation My full name is Ián Ara Paganini. I am six-teen years old. I was born in 1995 in a hospital near Villa Sarmiento. My childhood was fairly complex, but i shoud not complain.
Since i was young, i was humiliated and discriminated against because of my sexuality. I was thought i could not be happy someday. Everything Changed when i took some awareness, no one will grow on me... Following that, i could be happy. Since i was about twelve years, i was always interested in psychology, and psychoanalysis. When i got older, i discovered new things, i've always liked helping and listening. Big I'd be a great psychologist, be married with children. For, i would have at least two beautiful children. There are people who will not be in my future, because today are old, but cannot imagine their absence.
It is difficult to imagine my future, i do not like foreseeing my future, at least i try to do it. I really like the international pop and rock music. Although I am quite varied. I am also a fan of Lady Gaga.
I was studying to be a model, and the course ends. In the short term, I worked in Anama Ferreira and Dotto Models, but not my thing, the atmosphere is very dark and unjust.
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