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42nd Street: The Musical

No description

Rachel Alexander

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of 42nd Street: The Musical

42nd Street:
The Musical Plot Setting: 1933 (Great Depression), New York and Phillidelphia
Peggy (an aspriring actress) is auditioning for a new Broadway musical ,called Pretty Lady 2nd street) ,but she arrives to the audition late
She is greeted by Billy Lawlor, who tries to get her a spot in the show without success
later she catches the eye of Julien Marsh (famous director)
The star (Dorthy) of the show grows to hate Peggy
After a mistake on opening night Peggy is ired
When Dorthy is injured (broken ankle) Peggy must take over her role
In two days Peggy goes on stage and "becomes a star" Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/42nd_Street_(musical)
http://www.stageagent.com/Shows/View/833 Cast/Backstage Characters:
Peggy Sawyer
Julian Marsh
Dorthy Brock
Billy Lawlor
Pat Denning
Andy Lee
Bert Barry
Maggie Jones
Abner Dillon
Chorus Girls Music by Harry Warren
Lyrics by Hal Dubin
Directed by Gower Champion
First Production lyrics: Al Dubin
Music: Harry Warren
Orchestrator:Philip J. Lang
director:Gower Champion August 25, 1980
Tony Award: Best Musical
Based on novel (and a 1933 film version of novel) Jerry Orbach:Julian Marsh (director)
Tammy Grimes:Dorothy Brock(aging prima donna)
Wanda Richert:Peggy Sawyer (aspiring actress)
Lee Roy Reams:Billy Lawlor(actor/male lead in Pretty Lady) The director died opening night
The first successful movie musical to become a live musical
Same costume designers as "A Chorus Line" Videos
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