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Common Features of Organic Compounds

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Ma. Leonora Rosal

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Common Features of Organic Compounds

Common Features of Organic Compounds
All organic compounds contain carbon atoms and most contain hydrogen atoms.
Carbon forms single, double and tripe bonds to other carbon atoms
Some compounds have chains of atom and some have rings
Carbon is in group 4A thus, has 4 valence electrons
For 2 or more carbon containing compounds, the type of bonding is determined by the number of atoms around carbon.
4 atoms surrounding a C atom = 4 single bonds
3 atoms surrounding a C atom forms one double bond
two atoms surrounding a C atom generally forms one triple bond
Organic compounds may also contain elements other than cabon and hydrogen.
Any atom is a
Each heteroatom forms a characteristic number of bonds, determined by its location in the periodic table
The common heteroatoms alos have nonbonding, lone pairs of electrons, so that there is an octet surrounding the atom.
common bonding patterns for atoms in organic compounds
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