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Civics FSE - 2013


nhii via

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Civics FSE - 2013

Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Thank you for listening (*゚▽゚)ノ
What does being
endangered mean?
An endangered species
is a species of organisms
facing a very high risk of extinction.
(International Union for Conservation of Nature)
Red List
of Threatened Species, founded in 1963, is the world's most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of biological species.
(International Union
for Conservation of Nature)
▼ 6,260 amphibian species
▼ 5,488 mammal species
▼ 23,900 aquatic species
▼ 950,000 insect species
▼ 287,655 plants
▼ 16,000 mushrooms & fungi
Conservation Status
The conservation status of a
species is an indicator of the
likelihood of that endangered
species becoming extinct.
Human Factors Affecting Endangered Species
▼ Pesticides
▼ Habitat Destruction
▼ Introduction of Exotic Species
▼ Pollution
▼ Disease
▼ Culture
The Mexican Long-Nosed Bat
The Bat eats the Agave Plant that grows for
10 to 20 years, blooms only once and then
dies. The pollen from the plant acted as an
main source of food. A lot of plants have pesticides and other chemical that gets into the bodies of the bats and slowly buildup every time pollen is consumed.
Deforestation can lead to killing plants
in areas where bats live
Deforestation can lead to killing plants in areas where bats live, which will cut off their food source and leave them to starve.
Habitat Destruction & Culture
The Mexicans believed that burning down of caves were normal as a way to protect themselves against possibilities of vampires and evil demons.
Some of the first laws/rules set out to protect the rights of endangered animals are:
Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) in 1988
Wildlife Policy for Canada in 1990
Canada Oceans Act in 1997
Species at Risk Act (SARA) in 2002
Sad thing is...
Laws can be broken.
Endangered Species Habitats
▼ Forests
▼Dry Forests
▼ Rainforests
▼ Tropical Forests
▼ Wet Tropical Regions
▼ Meadows
▼ Grasslands
▼ Lakes
▼ Ponds
▼ Oceans
▼ Coral Reefs
Canada Wildlife Act in 1973
Banff National Park established in 1885
about endangered species?
There are many reasons why we should help save endangered species:
Many plants and animals are responsible for many useful medications.
90% of the world's food is made from 30 species of the 80,000 edible plants in the world.
Plants and animals species are the foundation of healthy ecosystems.
Various wild species are commercially raised, then contributed to local and regional economies.
These animals also provide recreational, spiritual and quality-of-life values as well.
Ways in which you can get involved:
Make change in laws by writing to local authorities
Participate in 'Endangered Species Day' on Friday, May 3rd
Take part in an environmental team like Earth Rangers or Green Peace
Protect endangered species habitat
by reducing:
air pollution
water pollution
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