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Copy of Violet's Prezi

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Arielle Reisch

on 7 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Violet's Prezi

the comparison between the Masque of the Red Death&Resident Evil
The Masque of the Red Death and the Resident Evil both occur in a world which has a serious plague spreading quickly.
The Masque of the Red Death
The Red Death has spread over the country for a long time. Once one catches it, he will have sharp pains, sudden dizziness, profuse bleeding at the pores, then die.
The Resident Evil

T-virus created by Dr.Charles Ashford is used to rejuvenate his daughter's illness as a meditation, but it was bought by the Umbrella Corporation which make experiments of viral weaponry. By an accident, the virus spreads and causes most people die and awake as zombies.
The main characters of the Masque of the Red Death and the Resident Evil are different in status and characteristics.
Alice&The intruder
When Major Cain asks Alice to fight with Matt regardless of other lives and even kill innocent public callously, she realizes his cruelness and when she and her companions manage to get on the plane to escape the bomb, she pushes Major Cain off the plane, leaving him to the place which is full of the mutaters caused by the corporation and lets him suffer from the consequences they make and die, even though he has much power than Alice. On the other hand, though the abbey is perfectly sealed, the intruder enters the abbey, kills the Prince, and bring the Red Death in. Alice and the intruder eliminate the ones who are high status and have more control. They represent the justice and execute the punishment for the irresponsible administrators.

Because of the different experiences and characteristics, the protagonists in the story and the movie act differently in facing the disease.
Prince Prospero
Even though Prince Prospero knows that the Red Death is fatal and kills plenty of the public, he does not appoint any doctor or take any actions to solve the problem but only build iron walls and " [weld] the bolts". He thinks that if the gates are forever closed, the pestilence will never get into the abbey and with the "buffoons, ballet-dancers", etc he can live happily and safe and sound. To entertain the knights and dames he invites, he even hold a magnificent masked ball.
At the end of the story/movie, the main characters encounter the unexpected incidents that lead to unwanted results.
The Seventh Apartment
The Umbrella
Prince Prospero&Major Cain
Prince Prospero and Major Cain are both high authorities. They hide in their safe fortresses namely the base of the Umbrella Corporation and the fully blocked abbey. As authorities, they do not work for people, think of people, and help people with their power, but only think of themselves and keep themselves safe from the plague. Prince Prospero is not interested in administering the country as a majesty at all. He indulges in his castle with women, food, and abundant supplies and completely seals the castle form the outside world. He only cares if the plague will spread into his palace and just let the "external world take care of itself". For Major Cain, though he let the uninfected people enter the base, when he sees the chaos and riots the public make, he decides to close the gate of the base for the survivors and appoints the soldiers to eliminate people outside all no matter they are infected or not.
When facing the thorny situation that either the companions she works with die or fighting with her former partner Matt who now is a mutater of the T-virus to see who is better, Alice chooses to fight. Considering of the fact that Matt is already a puppet controlled by the company and there is nothing she can help him, she decides to protect the innocent people under the risk of losing her life heeding to the interest of the whole.
There are seven rooms for the ball. The six of them are all fancy and exquisite with the splendid decorations. But there is an exception--the seventh apartment. This room is very different from the others. The main hue is dark with a sense of the Gothic style with the dim light and the "blood-tinted" windows and an enormous ebony clock with a peculiar striking sound when it is the hour. The black tone of the room symbolizes the death and the scarlet windows illustrate the Red Death. These two settings imply the tragedy that the plague has invaded into the abbey and forebode the death of these upper class aristocrats.
An umbrella is used for protect people from the rain, but in Resident Evil, the umbrella is a sign of bad things happen. First, the virus is spread by the Umbrella Corporation's cautiousless, they cause the disaster and plenty of people and mess the world up. What's worse, they do not save the survivors and refuse them of the entry to the main base, then they send special force and nuclear bomb to cleaner the city regardless of the survivors' lives. In this case, the Umbrella is an irony.
There are some important symbols in the Masque of the Red Death and the Resident Evil that function as foreshadowing or sarcasm.
Resident Evil
The Masque of the Red Death
At the end of the movie, though Alice escapes from the experimental base, the scientists have embedded a program in her body and they are able to track her and study the virus in her body.
When Prospero discovers the "intruder" with the costume which is like the infected people, he grows a red rage and raises his sword to kill this offender. But as soon as he enters the dark room and faces this strange man, he yells and drops his sword and falls on it.
In conclusion, compare with Alice, Prince Prospero is a selfish, fatuous, and irresponsible noble who has the power but not fulfill his obligation as a high status, while Alice though is also one of the victims, she knows to weigh the gain and loss and has a strong sense of responsibility to protect humans.
In both story and the movie, the plagues are fatal, infested easily, and cause human disasters after they spread. People suffer from the disaster and almost no one can escape from it.
In the end, although Prince Prospero and Alice try to escape from the plague or the virus, they are not completely escape but have the different ending of dead and being used unconsciously.
The powers of the Prince and the Umbrella Corporation is not effective and they are just illusions. For the Prince Prospero, he builds the abbey and seals the gates and invites nobles for entertainment with adequate supplies, but the intruder get in so Prospero fails to keep the pestilence out. As for the Umbrella Corporation, cutting-edged technology and excellent scientists are in this corporation but they still do not avoid the virus from spreading and many of their scientific personnel die in the leakage of the virus. They both have great powers but do not manage to administrate the public or protect themselves.
The protagonists and the antagonists are similar in their actions to the disease and opposing rivals resemble in their ends of death.
The clock is a thrilling object in the seventh room, the most strange and full of sense of creepiness, so it is suitable for this room. Every time the clock strikes, the strange sound makes present nobles feel uncomfortable and scared. The clock is counting down the time that the Red Death will arrive in the abbey. It is like a life clock to count the lifetime that people will live. Therefore, When the intruder walks to the seventh room, the clock rings, and everybody startles and this sound is a hit of their death by the plague.
The Clock
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