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Ningaloo reef

No description

Amy Hall

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Ningaloo reef

The ningaloo reef is a major tourist destination in Western Australia. Drilling on the Ningaloo Reef The ningaloo reef is a major tourist destination for Western Australia. The waters just outside of the reef are a inportant migration route for whales, dolphins, turtles, and whale sharks The ningaloo reef is a seasonal feeding area for whale sharks which are listed as vulneable. If the oil drilling was to happen as planned the seismic wibration caused by the drill will impact on them as well as sea turtles, fish and By Amy Hall Introduction Whale Shark Cause The oil company Shell has put in a bid for rights to drill for oil and gas only 50km from the national heratige listed Ningaloo reef. This will severly affect the eco-system of the vulnerable fringing reef. The main reason that Shell is drilling is the demand for oil becuase of the overuse of cars as well as other things that use oil. They are drilling near the ningaloo reef becuase it is one of the major oil basins Greed and selfishness of people The oil buisiness putting the wants of humans over keeping the marine life alive. Course If the oil drilling is allowed to take place; 1 2 3 4 The seismic vibrations will affect the marine life If there is an oil spill the whole marine life within th reef will be irrepariably destroyed Western Australia would lose alot of money from the loss of a main tourist destination An oil spill would affect a big part of WA's coast line
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