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Third Person Point of View

No description

Jeanne StaAna

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Third Person Point of View

Third Person Point of View
What is third person limited?
If a story is told from a third person limited perspective, then the narrator only describes the feelings and thoughts of one specific character.
So what is our books perspective?
Caillou is narrated in third person.
The End
What is a third person point of view?
What are some examples in the text?
"Then the next thought, that Tasha herself had brought it upon him with her hateful words. "

"He rested his head in her lap like he was horribly tired. She rubbed the story out of his head in gentle circles."

"They might not like her now but they used to."
If a story is told from a third person omniscient view, then the narrator can provide insights and feelings of more than one character or all of the characters.
What is third person omniscient?
A third person point of view, is when the
narrator speaks in third person and uses
pronouns such as, he, she, or they.
The narrator is not part of the story, but
describes the actions of those who are
The book is written in a third person limited perspective.
It is written in this way because the story revolves around Tasha specifically, and how her home and school life are affected by the things occurring around her. It shows her development and allows for her take on what is going on around her.
Jones, Tayari. Leaving Atlanta. New York: Warner, 2002. Print.
Tanemura, Kenny. "Fiction Writing Basics 2." Purdue OWL: Fiction Writing Basics. Owl Purdue Writing Lab, 16 Nov. 2011. Web. 7 Feb. 2016.
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