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Blueocean MI Capabilities

No description

Blueocean MI

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of Blueocean MI Capabilities

We are…
Global analytics and insights leader with 700 analysts providing decision support for sales, marketing and product planning
Our Vision
Enable businesses to make sound, data-driven decisions through a multi-disciplinary approach and 360 view of customers, competitors and markets
Our Culture
Deloitte list of Fastest Growing Companies (5 years).
Fortune Magazine/IAOP Top 100 Outsourcing Companies in the World (5 years)
Enabling C rporations To Meet Key Challenges Of Today
Make data driven decisions in a world of information explosion
ROI and Attribution – Constant Pressure to do more with less
Thrive in the digital, social, mobile world
Global REACH
Enabling Corporations To Meet Key Challenges Of Today
Make data driven decisions in a world of information explosion
ROI and Attribution – Constant Pressure to do more with less
Scalability, Speed, Global reach
Thrive in the digital, social, mobile world
Realizing A 360 Customer View
Data Integration
Multi-disciplinary Approach
Drive Business Impact
Teams identify data sources relevant to a business problem, and then organize and integrate to prepare for deep analysis and synthesis
Data Discovery
Integrate Primary & Secondary Data
Data Extraction Reporting
Problem-solving approach involves analyzing and synthesizing disparate streams of data requiring diverse skill-sets, critical thinkers and deep domain expertise.
Research Analysts
Data Scientists
Digital Scientists
Business Analysts
360 Scientists
Focused on driving insight to support decision making through visualization and reporting solutions, or through direct implementation in organizational systems
World Class Visualization to support decision making
Analytics implementations
Dashboard Reporting Solutions
Link 360 Multi- Source Data Reporting Platform
Creative Big Data Approaches
Next Gen Predictive 
Next Gen Machine Learning & Text Analytics
Multi- Channel Social & Digital Intelligence
Unique 360 Brand Equity Approach
Unique 360 Customer Experience Approach
Interactive Dashboards & Reporting Solutions
Innovative Approaches
Our Services
Analytics & Big Data
Market Intelligence
Desk Research
Insight Development
Social & Digital Intelligence
Visualization & Reporting Solutions
A Strong And Growing List Of Delighted Clients
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