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SstatsC's Fullscreen Prezume'!

Fullscreen PLEASE! Click "More" then "Fullscreen" to view a dynamic prezume about SstatsC in all of its HD glory!!

Statistical Consulting

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of SstatsC's Fullscreen Prezume'!

Swimming through a Sea of Data!
I know what you're thinking! "Swimming through fuzzy math equations is HARD WORK!" Well don't fear, help has arrived! I'm SstatsC, your friendly neighborhood statistician!
I just so happen to be a young, energetic, and surprisingly experienced statistical consultant!

My ultimate goal is to be a college professor, but in the meantime I do freelance consulting to gain experience and learn more about my discipline.
This Prezume' has been designed to give my potential clients and employers an idea of my education, experience, and most of all my personality :-D
Let's begin!
Protip: "SstatsC" is pronounced "sta·ts"
...so without further ado...
I received my Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University, with a respectable 3.67 GPA.
In 2009, my Master of Statistics degree was conferred by Iowa State University. According to the National Research Council, their Statistics department is a top 10 ranked program!
Sometime in 2010, I transitioned away from theoretical statistics veered more towards its application. So in the Fall of 2011, I transferred to the Industrial Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Department where I'll complete my PhD focusing on Data Mining and Operations Research.
Enough of the background fluff :-) ... let me show you the skills I can bring to your organization or project!
My skill set is complimented by the practical experience I have gained through teaching and consulting.
As a teaching assistant I was responsible for conducting review sessions, holding office hours, teaching laboratory class sections, grading, and a myriad of other duties.
Let's explore my teaching experience a bit...
Though I'm fairly new to consulting, my first couple of years have been exciting! I've had the opportunity to work with internet start-ups, graduate students, academic institutions...let me show you :-D
The following "Consulting Breakdown Structure" highlights a large sample of my consulting experiences. It underlines a bit of the client's demographics and gives a brief description of the project.
What good is experience without feedback? Let's see what a quick Word Frequency Text Analysis says about my job performance
Given the opportunity I would love to do the same for you or your organization!
For statistical consulting or other services feel free to contact me at sstatsc@gmail.com
I can also be found

Thanks for your time!
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