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Copy of Strategies for Great Parent Communication

No description

Christina Battiato

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Strategies for Great Parent Communication

Done every 2-3 weeks Invite parents to classroom Go over current units of study Send home when there is follow through Continue all year long Follow up a few weeks later What are the parent's goals? Parent Surveys Be THAT teacher the child ALWAYS talks about! Be
flexible Conferences Thank you notes Keep phone logs Don't be afraid
of the parent Start off on a positive Do frequently Positive phone calls home Focus on strengths and weaknesses Avoid educational jargon Continuously update parents Read cumulative files,
special education files and
discipline files You get more respect
when you are honest Be tactful Listen to all concerns Case Management Appreciaton for follow up
at home Use charts and graphs
when presenting information Do frequently The child is more
than a test Incorporate learning styles
into educational strategies IEPMeetings
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