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Yellowstone Caldera

by Hadlee Hallman

Madeleine Student

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Yellowstone Caldera

The Yellowstone Caldera which is called the Super Volcano, is located in part of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. The ground has raised about ten inches since 2004. It was raising 2.8 inches a year and began to slow down. The last big eruption that took place at the Yellowstone Caldera was about 640,000 years ago. From then on, there has been about 30 small eruptions. The caldera doesn't just rise up though, it falls back down. Between 1976 and 1984, the caldera rose 7 inches and then it fell back 5.5 inches. Between it's time going up and down, the caldera would often have bumps. These bumps would create eruptions. That is why there have been about 30 small eruptions. Scientist have not yet predicted when the volcano will erupt because it keeps moving up and down. Scientists are thinking that since it's moved up and down so much by now it could explode. It hasn't though. Under Yellowstone National Park is where most of this happens. Where magma becomes hot and the volcano moves. This is an under ground volcano. The length o the caldera is 35 miles by 45 miles. It's first big eruption 640,00 years ago destroyed most of it land. Scientists think that this large caldera will erupt ad be the largest eruption in history. This will happen because it keeps moving up and down. The Yellowstone Caldera
Super Volcano By Hadlee Hallman Some scientists think that the super volcano will explode over half of the United States. Killing many Americans.
This is no ordinary volcano though. This is what scientists call a super volcano. A super volcano is much more powerful than a normal volcano. It has a lot of pressure. This is not a scary site to others. Some people in the state of Wyoming find this to be a very interesting thing to watch. They enjoy watching water shoot up from the ground. 30 million people a year come to watch the caldera. This supervolcano will not destroy the Earth. It will just cover the streets of the United States with ash and magma. New life is living in Yellowstone
National Park especially a caldera that explode thousands of years ago. Grass has grown and trees have grown around this caldera. When the first eruption happened all Yellowstone National Park was destroyed. It has taken a long time to grow all of the grass and trees. Scientist can only bgo back around 4,000 years when dating rocks of this part of time. The site's I used




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