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Television & Sports

No description

Maha A.S.

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Television & Sports

Televised Sport LECTURE 9 TELEVISED SPORT The Beginning of a Romance Sports broadcasting began with Radio then moved onto PSB

Adopted journalistic methodologies to relay sports events

In the US sports on Television began with broadcasting Boxing events
Initial resistence to TV broadcast

Australia's initiatives to ban Murdoch from broadcast rights to the ARL

Rise in TV hours for sports boradcast
Marriage at last? Networks relied on sports to urge the public to buy television sets

Sponsorship and advertising revenue brought up TV Sport

Rise in TV hours for sports boradcast
'Massified' popular culture

Identification of 'Mainstream' sports

Televised sport a construction of reality

Acquisition of broadcast rights

The 'Roone' Revolution
1. Sport a TV event

2. Blend of realism and entertainment

3. Maximum action within minimum space

4. Presences and absences
Principles of Transformation The rise of 'man' Men receive more coverage than women

Sportsmen as heroes

Racial/ethnic inequality

Men as 'winners' Honeymoon's over! Pressure to 'win'

Shift of power to TV

Ownership issues

Cross promotion Sports TV Genres The telecast

Sports Review

Sports Variety

Sports Comedy

'Sports Chatter' - Umberto Eco

What about...? women sports?
high school championships?
'Sepak Takraw' ?
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