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Spider Web Theory

No description

Carley C.

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Spider Web Theory

Following Pillsbury's acception of the bid, the school house is built, but during a fire drill at the school three children die and many are injured due to falty fire escapes.
Now because Willie was initially against the building of the school house, the townspeople rally behind him after these young deaths have been caused by politicians not listening to him. Therefore, politician Tiny Duffy takes advantage of Willie being a "Savior" in the eyes of the people, and recruits him as the "dummy" candidate to split the votes of the MacMurfee election.

Jack now working for Willie is told to get the dirt on Judge Irwin by investigating him.
Jack learns that Judge Irwin had accepted a bribe in his earlier years.
It is a proven scientific fact that spider webs strengthen after damage. This is because of a nonscientific hypothesis: that by taking responsibility for one's actions, one is benefiting not only their specific strand of the web, but the strand as a whole.
Spider Web Theory
The Following Rippling Vibrations
Spider Web Theory
The incredible strength of the spider web's silk gives the web a powerful sense of unbreakability. This fundamental strength is what causes the Spider Web Theory to be true, as it allows for the world to be "All of one piece." A fact that both Cass Mastern and eventually Jack Burden learned when they acknowledged the corrupt webs that their sins have caused them to weave. Therefore, both men were also able to accept that all choices have consequences, and in order to make beneficial progress in untangling the spider web one must take responsibilty for their decisions.
Spider Web Theory
"The world is like an enormous spider web and if you touch it, however lightly, at any point, the vibration ripples to the remotest perimeter...It does not matter whether or not you meant to brush the web of things" (Warren 227).
The Initial Ripple
Pillsbury accepts the J.H. Moore bid for the school house. However, Willie Stark contests this decision and votes against it.

This then is the beginning of Willie's days as a significant politician, as he enters the political arena. Here in the political arena, Willie hires Jack Burden to work for him.
The effects of this bribe include the fact that Mortimer L. Littlepaugh committed suicide because of it since it had caused him to be fired.
Meanwhile, Governor Stanton covers for Judge Irwin who took the bribe.
Therefore, Jack learns that Governor Stanton was just like most politicians, as he was dishonest too. Jack decides to educate his children, Adam and Anne, on their father's corruptness. This choice does more harm than good.
With Anne realizing her dad's transgression, she is drawn to Willie Stark and has an affair with him.
Ultimately, another effect this bribe had was that it led to the suicide of Judge Irwin himself. It was the major cause of his downfall because it gave something for Jack to blackmail him with, which caused Irwin to commit suicide
All of these events can be traced back to Willie's initial entrance into the political arena.
Specifically, when Willie made this initial entrance into politics he met Sadie Burke. Sadie became his first of many affairs with woman.
Willie's many affairs with women might have been a possible factor in why his son turned out to be such a rebel.
Tom continues his rebellious phase, and unfortunately in the process he impregnates Sybil.
However, Tom receives his karma for impregnating Sybil, since he is severely injured in a football game.
In continuation, Willie gets his karma for having an affair that caused Tom to rebel, when Sybil's dad Gummy Larson threatened to ruin Willie.
In a connected manner another set of of events and choices can be traced back to Willie's entrance
For example, his son, Tom, started rebelling by breaking his football training. Which resulted in Willie having to bail him out of the consequences.
Therefore, Willie accepts Larson and Tiny Duffy's hospital contract in order to save himself. This causes Larson to sell out MacMurfee.
Tom's death had a major effect on his father Willie, as it caused Willie to make great changes to his life.

Unfortunately, Tom's luck runs out and he dies after a short life.
Specifically, Willie quits his affairs and transitions back to living with his wife, Lucy, again.
Also because of Tom's death, Willie makes the choice to fire Larson.
Along with all of these events, another set of connected events were happening simultaneously.
For example, if one goes all the way back to Willie's initial entrance into politics and his hiring of Jack. One can also see how because of Willie hiring Jack, Jack was forced to get Adam to agree to run Willie's hospital.
Also, if one looks back on how Jack caused Anne to go into Willie's arms and have an affair with him, one might notice how bitter this made Sadie.
Therefore, this causes Tiny to call Adam and bring him out of the dark by revealing to him the facts of Anne's affair with Willie.
This then leads to a major climax of the novel, in which Adam shoots Willie out of infuriated anger.
Sadie's jealousy towards Anne and her affair with the man she (Sadie) has feelings for may have been a major cause in why Sadie tells Tiny to call Adam.
Then Adams rash actions lead to more rash actions, as Sugar Boy then shoots and kills Adam.
Throughout this presentation, one might have noticed the how the font colors changed at certain intervals of the prezi. This was not done at random, as it was done to purposely simulate how everything in the Spider Web Theory is interconnected by showing how one initial ripple (event) leads to many other connected vibrations.
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