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HUGE inc.

No description

MIchael Leman

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of HUGE inc.

HUGE Inc. Process Education & Training Capabilities Services A&E Television Networks, Globo, MassMutual Financial Group, Samsung, AARP, Google, Museum of Modern Art, Target, American Express, Gucci, National Geographic, TED, Barnes & Noble, HBO, Nestlé, The City of New York, Barneys New York, IKEA, Twitter, British Airways, Itaú, Unibanco, Nutrisystem, Under Armour, CNN, Kate Spade New York, Oi, Unilever, Comcast, L'Oréal Group, OkCupid, United Nations Development Programme, Dell, Landmark Group, PepsiCo, United States Department of Energy, Diageo Loblaw Companies Limited, Pizza Hut, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Lowe's Home Improvement, ReckittBenckiser (French and Frank’s Red Hot), Vans, GE Capital, Luxottica, Royal Ascot, Walt Disney Company, Nintendo, Jetblue, Stumbleupon and more… 1. Discover 2. Plan 3. Create & iterate 4. Implement 5. Measure 6. Evolve Research & Analysis Strategy & Planning User Experience Studio Technology Social Media & Communications Program Management Huge School Professional Courses Idea Forums & customized training programs Digital Campaigns &Integrated Marketing Websites & e-commerce Social Media Mobile & emerging platforms Relationship Marketing In Store Digital installations Search marketing Product Development Content development Branding & identity systems First the company listens to the clients, interview stakeholders, then perform competitive analysis and review clients’ current digital activities, and lastly analyze the problems from user perspective to understand target audience. The planning process using research, user goals, and business requirements along with trying different scenarios, brings the customer’s vision to life by defining their image and path for their future. Professionals from all over the company converge their ideas from their unique perspectives to solve the problem based on the client’s customers and to make an impact. These results are diverse coming from many places as the team devotes themselves to produce an almost perfect prototype for the customer. During this phase, Huge translates the creative concepts into the final product by using a complex array of activities which can be split into three different categories: Design/Development, Production, and last Outreach. To ensure that every initiative has defined Performance over Web, campaign, and social analysis, Huge evaluates customer relationship to create a better experience for users thus strengthening your brand. Based on all the data collected, Huge then evolves its activities and designs to increase your business and improve your customers’ experiences. Huge's research team identifies audience needs, attitudes and behavior, in order to define why and how users want to interact with a brand We translate research insights into marketing and business strategy Our interaction designers and content strategists create the architecture for platforms and experiences that are intuitive and enjoyable to use, while exceeding clients' business and marketing goals. Huge Studio is dedicated to producing motion, photography, audio and editorial content for all platforms build systems to be scalable, stable and extensible, while delivering user-centric functionality Huge helps clients integrate social media into their business and marketing plans. Help manage and deploy the resources clients need to bring campaigns and initiatives to life. basically a paid apprentice ship program in Huge to give talented individuals the skills they need in their careers Courses that teaches participants much needed skills in digital businesses in the digitally driven economy of today. Huge will provide training and forums to address companies’ employees in a wide range of digital topics (ie UN Social Media Boot Camp) Create marketing programs based on the audience and analysis of the user’s needs, resulting in a clear and creative strategy of ideas to be implemented across various channels to raise awareness and increasing business. Some of the world’s most used and influential business and digital experiences were created by Huge. Huge’s work generates some $12 billion in new revenue each year through e-commerce, content, community sites, while also reaching into the web applications, intranets, and brand platforms. Using Social media sites, Huge connects customer’s brands with the consumers by building inside the communities and developing user-centric content. Their expertise extends from content development to community management, social business strategy and application builds. Being recognized as one of the industry’s best development and mobile design agencies, Huge has the expertise to build mobile based websites and mobile advertisements for various tools such as tablets, phones, televisions, and gaming consoles. Using data, Huge develops segments to span between email, mobile, web and social media platforms to model audiences while developing lists, email campaigns, and loyalty programs. They can help companies integrate their retail and outdoor environments with the digital through kiosks, displays, billboards, and other interfaces using mobility to enhance the customer’s in store experience and to remove barriers between the digital and physical retail sectors of the business. Huge uses a comprehensive approach to searching as it is essential for the success and performance of any business. The websites thy create are optimized to be searched through and ensure that the content maximizes traffic. Through development tof new digital products for their clientele, they often launch their products as new businesses for their clients to help them thrive as ongoing operations. Digital content is what websites depend on to become valuable to their users and Huge creates these videos, photos, animations, and editorials to ensure the web site and its content reaches its target audience through promotion and search. To resonate with the target audience, Huge helps companies create and evolve brands for long term competitive advantage in the market place. Graphic
Designer Education Industry Information http://mldesignportfolio.weebly.com/ Skills Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design Associate's Degree in Graphic Design Graphic Design Certificates Artistic Sense Technical Skill Communications Ability Organization Problem Solving Ability Creative Director
Median Annual Salary: $119,183 Graphical User Interface Designer Median Annual Salary: $72,835 Design Director
Median Annual Salary: $134,736 Typically the baseline for major firms. Most likely not required but expected with a portfolio. Highly competitive job field thus very helpful to have. Welcome in comparison to nothing but to achieve a job in a firm of any prominence, you will need an extensive portfolio of personal work and work experience in other smaller firms. Basically of no value other than telling your prospective employer you know what you are getting into. Without a very large portfolio and highly impressive resume, you may as well search for a different job. Choosing just the right fonts, colors and lines to create a balanced composition, while simultaneously conveying meaning, is complicated. In order to succeed in a graphic design job, you'll need to have strong problem solving skills and love a good challenge. In the last few decades, computer software and technology have drastically changed the graphic design industry. Even so, there is no substitute for artistic sensibility. Knowledge about design elements, such as color and composition, is vital for graphic designers. Graphic designers need to be organized in order to meet deadlines and stay within a budget. General business skills will come in handy, since many graphic designers work on a freelance or contract basis Sometimes known as visual communication, graphic design requires the ability to effectively present ideas—both verbally and visually. You'll need to be able to sell your ideas to clients and work with them to achieve the end product they want A graphic design job requires the technical skills to use design software programs such as Photoshop or Quark Xpress. You may learn other specific software in graphic design school; however, a general interest in computers and an aptitude for learning new technology will be necessary. Works Cited "Build a Killer Online Portfolio in 9 Easy Steps."
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