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BraiV - Apache Isis

RWTH Aachen - WebTech WS 2012/2013 - Apache Isis

Thomas Eck

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of BraiV - Apache Isis

Software Architecture pattern which:
Encapsulates business logic onto domain objects
UI is a direct representation of the domain objects
UI is fully created by the definition of domain objects using Reflection Naked Objects Apache Isis Based on Naked Objects -Group BraiV- Web Technologies – WS 2012/13 Thomas Eck, Jelena Markovic, Bogdan Rebedeu, Spyridon Papadopoulos Naked Objects Apache Isis Part One Part Two Literature and References Questions? Our Presentation "Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add...

...but when there is no longer anything to take away...

...when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness." Antoine de Saint-Exupery Richard Pawson Introduced by Richard Pawson in his PhD thesis
Also often described by Dan Haywood Naked Objects Naked Objects The Idea MVC vs Naked Objects

TODO There are other Frameworks for Java, .NET, C++ and PHP First frameworks Limitations Definition Benefits Apache Isis Use Cases Domain Objects Time for examples... Small live demo Limitations Isis Programming Model Thanks for your attention Schema As webapp RESTful webservice allow a custom UI to be built against the RESTful API
REST is designed to be machine-readable, and so is an excellent choice for synchronous data interchange scenarios It’s great for rapid prototyping
You can easily gain stakeholder feedback
Using Isis for your domain model helps prevent business logic creeping into adjacent layers Isis in real world fully-functional webapp are generated dynamically at runtime just from the domain model classes Not useful for big projects with need of customized user interfaces
Backend as it's just "reflecting" the domain model behaviour http://www.nakedobjects.org
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naked_objects Direct encapsulation of business logic onto domain objects
UI is a direct representation of the domain objects
Reflection is used to create automatically the UI from the definition of domain objects A faster development cycle
Greater agility
A more empowering style of UI
Easier requirement analysis The auto-generated OOUI is:
suitable for sovereign apps
not for transient apps Definition Faster development cycle
Greater agility
Empowering style of user interface
Easier requirements analysis Limitations The auto-generated OOUI is:
suitable for sovereign apps
but not for transient apps MVC vs Naked Objects Original idea behind MVC was to .."bridge the gap between the user’s mind and the computer held data"
Original MVC was later modified .."to become a technical solution that separated input, output and information... User's mind was somehow forgoten."
Naked Objects appear as an extension and implementation of original MVC idea and also as an important and independent contribution.
"...objects present themselves to the user in a standardized way."
"...user gets into direct contact with the model since the objects are shown without being cluttered or camouflaged by fancy graphics." What is Apache Isis? A Java framework that creates domain-driven apps
Allows users to concern only about domain objects
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