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Social Media

No description

Andrew Pakula

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media
what is it?
why should we care?
what should we do?
not social
not social
Social media involves interaction between users and the potential for user-created content
Old-school social media
Technology can make almost any content social!
Share personal updates, other media, content from other users
Share with 'friends'
Feels like an extended network of friends
Share personal updates, other media, content from other users
140 char limit
Share with 'followers'
Feels like personal broadcasting with dialogue
Share user-created articles
Share with readers
Feels like personal broadcasting with letters to the editor on steroids
Share user-created video
Share with anyone. Popularity-driven
Feels like personal broadcasting
What is social media?
Why should we care about social media?
We need to communicate
Social witness
Advertising is expensive and not credible
Are you more likely to try a new restaurant because of an ad or beause of a friend's recommendation?
How should we use social media in our congregations?
A presence




People can find you and gain a sense of your identity
Get the message out to as many people as possible
Cultivate individual relationships
Drive traffic to your web site, blog, etc.
Communication between members and friends
Getting started
Dedicated person or team is essential

Don't try to do social media without committed time
Create a Facebook page and/or Twitter profile
Get everyone to 'like' it
Put up content for Facebook
Post regularly
Respond to comments/tweets
Consider FB advertising
Minister's page/profile?
Create a blog and/or video channel
Get everyone to like and subscribe
Add to it regularly
Minister's blog?
Tweet and FB post about the blog/videos
Social media offers:
A low-cost opportunity to reach more people
Targeted communication
The power of network validation
Synergy among different channels
Social media reaches a different demographic
Social media can be more targeted
2008: "we will marry no one until we can marry everyone"
Covered by a local newspaper and their website
Picked up by international blogs
Picked up by Facebook and Twitter users
New Unity web traffic rockets
Perceptions change
Attendance increases
Covered on BBC web site
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