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Crisis and Prevention Plan

BCSD Emergency Preparedness Plann

PLNU University

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Crisis and Prevention Plan

Crisis and Prevention Plan
Stephanie, Ernesto, Laura
Drive-By Shooting
Phone Tree
Threat Assessment
Lockdown Threat Levels
Civil Defense
Bomb Threat
¨Provide professional learning in Crisis Prevention Institutes Non-Violent Crisis Intervention to build capacity for effectively de-escalating crisis situations¨
Student Phone Etiquette
Controlling flow of information in an emergency (panic)
Clarification for Code Green
Still in danger?
All clear?
Concluding Thoughts
managing effectively before and during a crisis
balance of being prepared and having information overload
Bakersfield City School District Emergency Preparedness Handbook, August 2013
Comprehensive School Safety Plan - Thorner Elementary Site
Gabbitas, S. (2015, April). BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook [E-mail interview].
Gosine, K., & Islam, F. (2014). "It's Like We're One Big Family": Marginalized Young People, Community, and the Implications for Urban Schooling. School Community Journal, 24(2), 33-62.
Gridiron, B. (2015, April). BCSD Emergency and School Site Safety Plan [Personal interview].
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook
Press Releases from BCSD
Interview with BCSD
Public Information Manager
What information/details should
a Public Relations Officer
release to the public?
We release any information that the public needs to know to be able to make the right decision. We are open and honest. We do not “hide” any information, but there are many privacy laws affecting what kind of information can be released to the public. Between HIPPA laws and student information protections, there is actually very little specific information we can release about students or employees.
Do all emergency’s or other type of school issues need to be handled by a District PR person, rather than at the individual School site?
Every school interaction with the news media affects the District in the eyes of the public. For that reason, all requests from the news media are to come through the Communications Department. We also coordinate all responses to the media. Who answers a request is a decision that is made after consulting with the principal and superintendent. Generally, if something affects more than one school, a District representative will be the spokesperson.

Besides school site training, is there additional training offered at the District level if teachers/staff feel the need for additional support/training?
Any time a District employee talks to the news media someone from Communications is present. We meet with the employee before the interview to ensure that there is clarity regarding the District’s message and to offer tips and support for appearing on camera. A District employee can request media training from our department at any time. We will also review letters sent home to parents and offer help if necessary.
Is the Emergency Plan available to the public/community?
The emergency plan is provided only to those who need it as part of their job. It is not provided to public because part of the plan includes District response to intruders and acts of terrorism. If that information fell into the hands of those
be distributed to the Media in response to an Emergency –
A news release is used to inform the news media of something that the public needs to know. In the emergency situations we have experienced in the last 10 years, I am on location and the news media is already there, eliminating the need for news releases. In reality, the majority of our “emergency news release” type of communication happens AFTER the event, following up with news media and notifying parents of what happened so they don’t hear it from unreliable sources. If we were to use a news release it would follow the same format as a standard news release with the headline identifying as an emergency communication.
If it is strictly a single school issue, the District’s position is that the principal is the best source of information for that school’s community. If the principal feels comfortable talking to the media, we encourage him/her to do so. We have had situations where students are gravely injured and the principal isn’t emotionally prepared to talk to the news, in those cases a District representative will answer questions.

The District’s Emergency Plan is updated annually by the Office of the Chief Business Official

School Site Administration is responsible for working with the District to customize and make specific the School Site Plan. The Site's physical set up and individual needs must be incorporated into the School Site plan so that it is easily followed and maintained.
It is imperative that Administration updates and makes appropriate changes as
needed to fit the needs of the School Community.
Training must take place for individual staff who have assigned duties - to maintain fluid movement and communication during an emergency.
Staff need to be updated prior to the
beginning of each school year on the School
Site plan. They need to be made aware of changes, trained on new procedures, and feel confident in their role(s).
The top priority is to maintain safety and calm during an Emergency and that is best achieved if we as Teachers/Staff know the routine and policy in place for each situation that may arise.
If a staff member does not feel adequately trained/prepared, they are able to request additional training/information from the School Administration or District.
Interview with Site
Vice Principal

Gridiron, B. (2015, April). BCSD Emergency and School Site Safety Plan [Personal interview].
Gabbitas, S. (2015, April). BCSD Emergency Preparedness Handbook [E-mail interview].
Creating a positive environment perpetuates a positive environment.
"We" over "Them"
"In all, the sense of community that Regent Park youth conveyed, a sense of community grounded in and reinforced by shared experiences...(Gosine & Islam p. 44)"
Social Media
Provide training to members of the student affairs team to help them identify and address Cyber Bullying
Social Skills Class
Freshmen could be required to take a social skills class where they engage in projects and service learning where they learn appropriate social skills and conflict resolution skills.
Bully Stopper Form
School wide initiative to give students a private platform to reach out for help in an attempt to put an end to bullying of all types. Have a proactive approach to bullying instead of a reactive one.
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