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Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

Mr. Kenny/World History

Pebbles Zell

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

In Conclusion Legalizing marijuana would not only be a benefit to the consumer, it would be a benefit to the economy, the justice system, to our schools and to the United States Government. 52% Support Legalization Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized In recent years, polls have shown that a majority of Americans think the United States is losing the so-called “War on Drugs” and that states should be allowed to decide whether marijuana is legal. Now that two states legalized marijuana, a new poll finds that for the first time, a majority of all Americans also think marijuana should be legal. The nationwide survey found that 52 percent support legalized marijuana. Legalizing Marijuana Would Generate Billions In Additional Tax Revenue Marijuana is too expensive for our justice system and should instead be taxed to support government programs. Law enforcement has more important responsibilities than arresting 750,000 individuals a year for marijuana possession. Marijuana arrests are expensive in The United States, wasting jail space, clogging up court systems, and keeping our Police time away from more serious crimes. Furthermore, taxation of marijuana can provide needed funding for Schools and other Government expenses. Keeping Marijuana Illegal Creates A Black Market Legalizing marijuana would take control away from the gangs and instead create a new profitable, safe and legal market. Keeping marijuana illegal makes foreign cultivation and smuggling to the United States extremely profitable, "sending billions of dollars overseas" in an underground economy while diverting funds from productive economic development. Impact on the Consumer "Many people die from alcohol use. Nobody dies from marijuana use." The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) reports that more than 37,000 annual U.S. deaths from alcohol. (i.e. this figure does not include accidental deaths). On the other hand, the CDC does not even have a category for deaths caused by the use of marijuana. Medical Benefits of Marijuana "Marijuana has been used for medical purposes for around 4,000 years." Few other herbs offer such a wide variety of therapeutic applications. Some medical uses of marijuana are, relief of chronic pain, relief of muscle spasms, relief from the effects of depression and it has even been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells. http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/04/04/1825411/majority-of-all-americans-now-think-marijuana-should-be-legal/ http://www.regulatemarijuana.org/marijuana-vs-alcohol http://www.alternet.org/story/60959/the_top_ten_reasons_marijuana_should_be_legal http://www.alternet.org/story/60959/the_top_ten_reasons_marijuana_should_be_legal http://www.disabled-world.com/medical/pharmaceutical/marijuana/
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