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Should Nuclear Weapons Be Eliminated?


Joel Lee

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Should Nuclear Weapons Be Eliminated?

Should Weapons of Mass
Destruction be Eliminated?

By Joel Lee
Biological Weapons
Nuclear Weapons
Chemical Weapons
What are Weapons
of Mass Destruction
Any biological, nuclear, or chemical agent capable of causing widespread death and destruction.
uses immense energy released from an atom
quickest method of eliminating large numbers of people
has long term effects from residual radiation
only used twice against a country on Japan by the United States during World War 2
many secret tests have been conducted
uses either natural or artificial pathogens to destroy
most danger potential
least detectable
possibly most gruesome
can be cured and defended against via vaccinations
used since ancient times against others (such as catapulting diseased heads at enemies)
often used in the form of a poisonous gas
can be used to contaminate food intentionally
can be countered by gas masks and purification systems
first modern use was in World War 1 by both the Allies and the Central Powers
Why do they exist?
They exist because of the competition between individual nations for power.
Ha! I have these weapons, don't interfere with my goals
You forgot that we also have WMDs so don't decide to push around anyone.
Why should we eliminate biological weapons?
each weapon can decimate a large population of people in a short amount of time
a small breach of the weapon can cause unintentional amounts of death
extremely easy to mishandle and large amounts can be quickly made
Why should we eliminate nuclear weapons?
a single nuclear weapon explosion can cause the death of at least several hundred million people
by firing one missile, the countries will all retaliate by firing their own nuclear missiles, the cascade effect will eliminate all life on Earth except bacteria
Why should chemical weapons be eliminated?
chemical weapons yield, for a low cost, horrific, mutilating injuries
people are permanently scarred and die from the lethal chemicals applied to them by those weapons
But biological weapons benefit science by advancing vaccination production speed .
Firstly, the creation of a biological weapon is most likely kept a secret by the government. It's release is also secret, we cannot predict the disease and the amount of destruction that may be caused from releasing anything as unpredictable as a biological weapon.
If no one except the UN as a collective has nuclear weapons for planetary defense it would be safe for everyone.

Firstly, we are no where near interstellar travel so we do not have to worry much about another force strong enough to require nuclear power for defense for some time. Secondly, the nuclear weapons are all stored in individual countries for their own use. They can launch them whenever they want to.
Well, the only people using chemical weapons is Syria against the rebels so they are justified. No other country would use chemical weapons against some other nation.
Rebuttal: According to history, countries have ruthlessly used lethal chemicals to destroy their enemies. In World War 1, many thousands were blinded permanently or killed by the chemicals. Currently Syria is not justified because it is a civil war and wars follow the CWC or chemical warfare conventions.
Not convinced? Maybe these photos of victims of the various uses should persuade you.
Chemical Weapon
Nuclear Weapon
Biological Weapon
To remove nuclear weapons, you must properly dispose of the nuclear waste. All of the nuclear waste must be effectively rendered nontoxic by mixing it with many different chemicals.
Removing chemical weapons also requires proper disposal methods. Depending on the chemical weapon, it is best to either dilute them or react them till they are rendered nontoxic.
To eliminate a biological weapon, the best solution is to expose the agent to extremely high temperatures and the harshest sterilizers. These will effectively kill all of the pathogenic agents that grant the bioweapon its power.
~The End~
Eliminate those WMDs
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