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Cheating and Infidelity in Teen Relationships.

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kimberly perez

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Cheating and Infidelity in Teen Relationships.

Cheating and Infidelity in Teen Relationships.
Cheating is Relevant because many Teen Relationships are being destroyed DUE to Cheating and Infidelity. Although many have been Cheated on or lied to in their relationships they don't know or don't quite understand why.
Why do Teens Cheat ?
For many teenagers, a dating relationship is likely one of the first times that he or she offers another person a great deal of trust. During our adolescent and young adult years, we are developing who we are as individuals and beginning to create a foundation of our understanding of close, intimate relationships.
What is the difference between Cheating and Infidelity?
Cheating: Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage
Infidelity: The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner
~Social norms are group-held beliefs about how members should behave in a given context
~Deviance is the fact or state of departing from usual or accepted standards (Sexually or Physically)

Argument Sides to Cheating in Teenage Relationships are usually the "Its not a marriage thing so Therefore i don't need to Stay Committed" and "If we are together with one another then you need to focus on just me. Nobody else".

How Is Cheating Relevant and Significant to You?
Cheating is Significant to us because it is a BIG issue in some and most Teenage Relationships and nobody is really taking any action into trying to get this stopped or make it a Topic for Teens and others to look upon.
Our Theory
Our Theory is that Cheating and Infidelity in Teen Relationship is considered Deviant Behavior because the person is lying and being dishonest to please themselves. It can also be considered Deviance because a Relationship is only meant for 2 people and when other people see you having a relationship or Intimate behavior with someone other than your partner then it begins to become Unacceptable to them. Others don't see Cheating or Infidelity as a thing that should be accepted when your supposed to be committed to only one person, Your Partner.
Although some Teen Relationships can be more Short-term rather than Long-term, when a Teenager goes through Betrayal of Trust in their relationship they usually experience or feel intense sadness and angry towards others or even themselves.
"In my experience as a marriage counselor one of the more common things I have seen right before a spouse has an affair is that one or both of the spouses gets tired of all the fighting and withdraws (emotionally and physically) from the other. When this happens an affair is almost inevitable." -Aaron Anderson
Reasons to Why Teenagers Cheat.
•Significant, ongoing, unresolved problems in the primary, long-term relationship or marriage
•A significant difference in sex drive between the two partners
•The older the primary relationship
•A greater difference in personality than perhaps the partners realize
•And to a far lesser extent, perhaps some theoretical, evolutionary remnants that may have reinforced multiple partners over monogamy (although this is just a hypothetical argument that would be difficult to disprove)
Cheating is a problem in relationships of all ages but teenagers are more vulnerable (to be effected because of how we react to emotions and feelings). As teenagers we act irrationally to the situations we are put in and cause lots of drama with everything we do. Teenagers love drama and violence and half the time put the two together.
"Cheating is usually a symptom of an unhealthy relationship. It destroys friendships, breaks trust, and causes guilt, anger, hurt and many other negative emotions. Cheating in relationships is not going to last. People know all these facts, but still go on cheating others. The major point about cheating in relationships is that it is accidental. Most people do not want to cheat on their associates. A known fact is that most persons who experience infidelity in their relationships are likely to experience in future also, even when they move on to other relationships. There are several reasons why cheating, adultery, infidelity and extra marital affairs often occur in many relationships. People are complicated and appearances can be deceptive. Cheating also occurs when people fail to give their relationships priority by putting time and energy into them. Another major reason is the failure to understand the issues that led to infidelity in the first place. Many people do not want to analyze the role they played in the failure of a relationship, they blame others rather than looking at the at the mistakes they made in their relationships."
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/354362
Survey Data
While handing out surveys we asked and grouped everything by Grade ranging from 9th-12th graders both

For basic Info we asked their Age, Grade and Gender.
39 Females took the Survey
39 Males took the Survey
12th grade Males: 69% are in a Relationship
12th grade Females: 55% are in a Relationship
11th grade Males: 0% are in a Relationship
11th grade Females: 36% are in a Relationship
10th grade Males: 11% are in a Relationship
10th grade Females: 41% are in a Relationship
9th grade Males: 0% are in a Relationship
9th grade females: 57% are in a Relationship

1) I've been cheated on:

1-2 times:
3-5 times:
6 or more times:
9th-12th grade Females:
Total: 39
9th-12th grade Males:
1) I've been cheated on:
1-2 times:
3-5 times:
6 0r more times
Cheating is Okay:
Cheating is Okay:
Total: 39
Total: 39
The answers that Some of these people put on the Surveys doesn't really show that there is Deviant Behavior.
The answers don't really show that there is Deviant Behavior in it cause Most of them put answers that people WANT to hear. These answers also can show that there is Deviant Behavior because although most of the people who took the survey think Cheating is bad or not Okay, some of them put that they've cheated ATLEAST 1-2 times in a Relationship.
Why do Teens Engage is Cheating and Infidelity During a Relationship?
There are many reasons to why teens engage in such Deviant Behavior. Some reasons are:
Not Happy
Found someone better
Had The Opportunity
Not Interested in partner anymore
Partner "Isn't there"
In my opinion, i think if a person isn't happy with their partner or doesn't want to be there they should end it before things get worse or before the other person starts catching feelings for you.
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