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arjun sidiura

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of NARUTO

Our favourite theme of the Naruto series.
Our favourite characters of Naruto Shippuden.
5. Zabuza, because he was the first villan, and he one of of the epic 7 swords men.
4.Itachi, because he was the most successful Uchiha.he had the sharingan at age 7, and was in anbou backops( assanation squad) at 13.
3. Madara. he is was the strongest Uchiha 600 years ago, and he took on the first hokage(leader of the leaf villiage).
2. Orocimaru: He was one of the legendary sanin, and was the feared villian in the first naruto series.
1. Sasuke: Sasuke is the one who killed Orochimaru, Itachi and many others. Also he is going to become the next hokage, and ruin Naruto's life.
What Naruto's about.
Naruto is an anime series created by Masashi kishimoto. Naruto is about a boy obliviously Naruto. Naruto is a young academy student for the ninja arts. Then he is pared up with two team mates Sakura( his crush), and Sasuke his rival and at the same time his best friend. Sadly, Sasuke turns evil, and Naruto tries to stop him but Sasuke beats him up and went off. Then the story becomes about Sasuke and his past, and kill his brother Itachi the one who destroyed his clan.
Thats Naruto shippuden!
Naruto shippuden
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