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Pediatric Nurse mm

No description

Meagan Menifee

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Pediatric Nurse mm

4 year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree(BSN). Pediatric Nurse How to become a pediatric nurse in 5 steps.
Step 1: Researching Pediatric Nurse Career Duties and Responsibilities.
Step 2: Earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Step 3: Complete On-the- Job Training
Step 4: Become a Certified as a Pediatric Nurse
Step 5: Find a Pediatric Nurse Job

Get a job in a hospital with a pediatrics department or a clinical setting where pediatric patients are cared for. You must complete all academic course work before you can sit for the exam, which can be an Associate degree or a Bachelor's degree.
Take classes that will augment your pediatric medical training while in college. Child psychology classes will help you learn to communicate with sick children and family psychology classes can help you learn to communicate effectively with frightened parents
Pediatric Nurse You can expect to spend 3 months to 1 year in an internship, although no set time is standard in this field.
Registered Nurse And More How to become a pediatric nurse in 5 steps.
Training Enroll in a pediatric internship program at the hospital or clinic where you work to get an in-depth look at the field firsthand. It is in this position that you will learn the specific skills necessary to become a pediatric nurse.
Colleges San Jacinto College Tyler College Lee College Lamar College Emory University Salary Year Experience Salary Rate:
least 20 years of experience earn between $48,400 and $71,000.
10 to 19 years of experience earn $25,500 to $65,500. five to nine years of experience earn $29,500 to $59,000. One to four years of experience earn $39,100 to $65,800. less than one year earn $39,700 to $50,400. Bibliography http://www.ehow.com/how_2071001_become-pediatric-nurse.html
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