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Windows 8 Prominence

No description

Samantha Shone

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Windows 8 Prominence

Of WiNdOwS PrOdUcTs In

What is prominence?

Why do we mark for prominence?

Which items?

When? - Size, Bolding, Underlining, Typeface, and Colour


Multiple SKUs

Windows product font does not match or exceed the most prominent item in the line-list.
So that the Windows product is advertised clearly and so that it is not lost amongst other, more prominent items.
The OEM incentive program rewards partners for prominent marketing of Windows Products.
Our eyes should not be drawn away from the Windows product.
Items on the same level as the Windows product
The mention of the model's
Generic wording, i.e. core messaging
Items clearly separated from the line-list in terms of format
OEM versions of software
Free items
or trial versions,
with exceptions
Model names and prices
BOLDING (weight)

bolder item than Windows product

underlined item but Windows product is not

**EXCEPTION** hyperlinks

larger item than Windows product

The Windows product font should match other items in the line-list. This is incredibly rare, so if you find this, talk to Anthony and Nina!

An example:
Different characters - if there is a mixture of font typefaces due to difference in characters (e.g. for Hebrew and English), we don't mark for prominence/typeface if the characters are consistent throughout.
i.e. if all the Hebrew is in the same font, and all the English is in the same font, we would pass it as compliant.

- This is the tricky one. It often depends on the situation.
- Historically: "Black is the most prominent colour".
- Recently, we have tried to move away from marking prominence on the grounds of colour.
- Try to go on what 'looks' most prominent. If in doubt, we will lean towards giving it to the OEM as compliant, ESPECIALLY FOR AUDIT!!!
- We also take into account background colour.

- If items in the line-list or DTS have headings, the heading for the Windows product must be as prominent as all other item headings.

- If all items in the line-list have headings except the Windows product, this is not a prominence issue.

- If headings contain specific components, they are treated as items (and will usually therefore be more prominent). This must be marked for prominence.

Multiple SKU mentions

- All SKUs must be of the same prominence, when listing SKUs in the same section.

- If a second/third SKU mention is bolder than the first Windows product, it must be marked for prominence.

- Second/third SKU mentions further down the line-list do not need to be marked if they are not most prominent.

Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8
Windows 7 Starter
Windows 7 Ultimate
prom·i·nent [prom-uh-nuhnt]


1. standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable: Her eyes are her most prominent feature.

2. standing out beyond the adjacent surface or line; projecting.

3. leading, important, or well-known: a prominent citizen.

The same as: protruding, jutting, distinguished, notable.

The opposite of: inconspicuous, recessed, unknown.
We check these for prominence:
We do not check these for prominence:
Taglines and prominence

Taglines have a different compliance reason to ensure they are prominent on the page. The size/bolding of the tagline must be correct, and third party taglines cannot be more prominent than the MDA tagline.
The position of the Windows product is also linked to prominence. If it is not listed first or second, the Windows product is less prominent, as we do not see it upon immediately looking at the line-list. However, this is a separate compliance reason.
The item must be on the same hierarchical level as the Windows product: e.g. we have a header, then a sub-header, then the OS. Other items listed in the same format as the OS are taken into consideration. We ignore headers and sub-headers (unless they contain a specific component).
Messaging before the SKU is another way that the prominence of the Windows product is impacted. The more words before the SKU, the less we are drawn to it. Again, this has its own compliance reason.
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